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Computer and mobile phone tricks

Computer And Mobile Phone Tricks That Are Worth Trying

Even though it may sometimes seem that phones and computers can no longer surprise us, it is very likely that even now you are not completely familiar with the functions of the devices you are using at this moment. At least several tricks are hiding in each one of them, which may expand the options of these devices. What tricks are worth trying? You can find more information from
mouse to the phone
Connecting the mouse to the phone. Because of tiny lettersand small screen,browsing or performance of other tasks on the internet is not always too comfortable; however, this problem can be easily solved now. Connecting special USB C or micro USB adapters to the phone will allow you connecting a computer mouse to this device as well – this way you will be able to use the phone way more effectively!
By the way, it should be taken into account that not all mobile phones support the use of accessories with USB port, so before you try this trick, first make sure that your mobile phone is able to support it.
Use of maps without the connection to the Internet
Use of maps without the connection to the Internet. Telephones very often serve as our navigation; however, for that you will also need a mobile internet. In order to reduce the amount of data consumed, you can turn off the internet after entering the necessary route – you will still see your location on the map; therefore, you will be able to navigate easily. This trick has only one shortcoming – after you turn off the internet, you will no longer be able to track the traffic updates, but if you’re not afraid to get stuck in traffic for a while, you should really try this one.
Fast wireless charge function.
Fast wireless charge function.The majority of smartphones nowadays can offer you fast charge functions, though there are times when we cannot find any electric sockets nearby. In such situations wireless charge stations are especially helpful, because in a moment you will be able to use your smart device again. The only thing you have to do before acquiring such a device is to make sure that your phone supports such function. Such smartphones are sold at the e-shop at a very good price.

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Computer video recorder. MacBook laptops boast having such an advantage – if you want to record the video playing on a computer screen, all you have to do is turn on the “QuickTime Player” program and select appropriate function. If you connect a microphone, you will be able to record the sounds as well. Though it doesn’t mean that such function is not available using other devices; however, in order to be able to record a computer screen video, special programs are usually needed, and all of this require additional time resources.

Music Controll

More simple music control. Many of us use “Youtube” to listen to the music practically every day; unfortunately, not all of us know that it can be control using action buttons. In order to stop the video, “K” button is used, in order to rewind the video 10 seconds back –button “J”, and if you wish to forward it for 10 seconds, press button “L”.Try it – this actually works! Though you should take into account that these action buttons are active only when this particular page is on.
Task Scheduling
Automatic task scheduling. Laptops, using Windows operating system, have an integrated task scheduling program not only for the technical updates, but for much simpler tasks as well, for example, for sending photos. You can find it entering “Task Scheduler” in the computer search field. Using this tool, the computer can be controlled much more easily.

Those, however, are far from all the tricks worthy of attention, which can be tried out with these devices. Though if you manage to apply all these tricks in your everyday life, the use of your computer and phone will become much more effective!