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Get Rid of Cable Clutter with Luxear Under Desk Cable Management Tray

Desk clutter can be extremely annoying. Especially when there are a lot of cable wires on your desk. Too many wires pose the risk of making you trip or causing electrical problems. An unorganized desk can also affect your productivity along with your mood. Hence, it’s important to keep your desk tidy and organized. Making such a messy desk look tidy is a challenge in itself! But Luxear Under Desk Cable Management Tray is specifically designed to rise to this challenge. Its sturdy, durable body and spacious design help you organize your cables quickly and efficiently. Plus, it’s currently available online with a special 10% discount using the discount code: 10%off 4HRZENHL which expires on: 2023-08-31. This under-desk screwless cable management kit comes with a cable tray, wire organizers and other tools to help you assemble it properly. Here are some noteworthy features of this tray:

Easy and Simple Installation

Luxear’s under desk cable tray is super easy to install. It uses clamps to attach the tray to the desk, so you can do it easily on your own too. No need to bring in any professionals and spend extra money! Also, there’s no need to drill any holes on the desk or wall for fitting this tray. So, you don’t need any special machinery or skill either to install this tray. It fits most tables, easily clamping onto tables of any thickness from 0.4″ to 2.7″. All you need is to assemble the tray, place it where you want it, and then fasten the clamps. And your under desk cable tray is ready to use!

Sturdy and Spacious Design

This under desk cable management tray is designed in a way that makes it easy to keep all your cables well-organized. It is made of high-quality carbon steel and treated with matte paint which makes it rustproof and durable. It can support a substantial weight, almost up to 11 pounds. This cable tray has ample length, sturdy body, and a large capacity to hold various things like cables, surge protectors, laptop chargers, and more. Its hollow curved design makes it easy to organize power strips, cables, and wires.

Protects Your Desk from Damage

Another great feature of this cable tray is its simple and creative design which protects your desk from future damage. With other trays, you need to drill holes in your desks for installation, which is not the case here. This tray uses clamps to hold on to the desk. However, even clamps can lead to scratches and rusting over time which can damage your desk. But, Luxear’s under desk tray comes with soft pads on either side of the screw clamps to ensure that your desk is not damaged in any way!

Mesh and Guardrail Design for Better Organization

Luxear’s smart mesh design reduces dust accumulation which in turn makes under-table management of your cables easier. It also ensures proper air circulation and reduces heat build-up for plug sockets and chargers, which in turn helps keep your setup safe. The guardrail design on the sides protects anything from falling down and helps you organize the cables in a more efficient and tidy manner.

There are many ways to sort cables and keep your desk well-organized. However, if you want something that is discreet, out of view, easy to install, and long-lasting, then Luxear’s under desk cable management tray is the perfect solution for your cable management needs!