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Water Purifier Maintenance

How Can You Significantly Save on Your Water Purifier Maintenance Cost?

A water purifier system is designed with the purpose of supplying clean water with acceptable TDS and no contamination. It goes through appropriate water purification process to continue giving you the same level of purification and for this it requires servicing and maintenance. Maintenance is probably the biggest expense with respect to water purification. Is it possible to bring down the maintenance cost? Yes, it is! Read on to find out the ways in which you can significantly save on the water purifier maintenance costs.

Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance Requirements
There are various big and small components that require maintenance. These include the main component, which is the RO membrane. This should ideally be changed every two years but could require an earlier replacement depending on the condition of the water and maintenance of other parts. The filters i.e. the carbon filter, sediment filter and the post carbon filter have to be replaced annually as they get used up. The smaller components such as valves, switches etc., which could get damaged any time, will need to be repaired or replaced as and when required.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance Cost
The RO membrane can cost anywhere in the range of INR 1500. You might find it cheaper if you purchase online. The filters, which need to be replaced, could cost you up to one thousand and the regular servicing labour costs could be around INR 500. So, the basic maintenance could cost you up to INR 3000 annually.

Saving on Maintenance Costs

Saving on Maintenance Costs

  • Regular servicing could save you a significant amount of unexpected breakdown costs as the equipment will run more efficiently.
  • Cleaning the pre-filter and replacing it frequently can save you the cost of replacing the other filters frequently. The pre-filter is an inexpensive component, which filters out the debris and dirt from the water before the main purifier component processes the water.
  • One of the most effective ways of reducing the maintenance expense is to go for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). An AMC could typically cost you in the range of INR 3K – 6K. The cost includes maintenance visits by the technician at regular intervals, replacement of any worn-out parts and regular replacement of filters as required. In case of any sudden breakdown requirement, the technician will visit and fix the problem. AMCs are a much better option when compared to scheduling service as per your convenience.
  • Any reverse osmosis system is generally sold with a warranty, which typically covers the appliance for a period of one year. In case of any problems with the purifier, you can make use of this warranty and get the problem resolved. After the expiry of the warranty, it makes sense to sign an AMC with the service centre associated with your water purifier brand.

With the above suggestions, you can significantly cut down the maintenance bills for your water purifier system. This way, you can ensure that your family members get healthy pure water, peace of mind and prevent waterborne diseases.