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There are many physical examples of health, strength, happiness and longevity, but none are more ubiquitous than the models who appear in the numerous advertisements displayed everywhere today. However, despite the diverse variety of products and services offered, all these models have one thing in common: bright, megawatt smiles. Furthermore, these smiles all showcase white sparkling teeth, enhancing their appearance and drawing in their audience. As a result, more and more people believe that the secret to a winning smile and a more attractive appearance lies in whiter teeth. Therefore, they are increasingly gravitating towards tooth-whitening procedures to attain their desires.

What Causes Tooth Discolouration?

The state of your teeth is affected by numerous elements, including age, diet, overall dental hygiene practices, lifestyle habits like smoking and even trauma. The best way to identify the root cause of tooth discolouration is by consulting an oral health professional. Dentists have the tools and know-how to pinpoint what affects your teeth and help you make corrections. Additionally, they are better positioned to decide if you are a good candidate for a tooth whitening procedure.

What Does Tooth Whitening Entail?

Professional whitening requires the application of a gel that is specially formulated to whiten the teeth. This product contains up to 40 per cent hydrogen peroxide to facilitate the desired results. Once your dentist has applied the gel, they will aim a special heating lamp on your teeth for about twenty minutes. As soon as that time elapses, they reapply the gel then shine the light again. This procedure is repeated for a third time before it is deemed complete. You should expect to spend about an hour or a little more for a whitening appointment.

Benefits Of A Professional Whitening Treatment

There are various DIY tooth whitening kits available for sale on the market. These kits claim to help you attain that brilliant professional clean at a lower cost. While this assertion may be attractive to many, not everyone can readily afford the procedure. There are some significant drawbacks associated with taking this avenue. Chief among them is that the chemical chlorine dioxide used in DIY tooth whitening kits. It may cause more damage by inducing tooth sensitivity, eroding the enamel, and causing irritation to the gums. In contrast, making an appointment at the dentists’ office offers you of benefits such as:

  • A professional is better placed to provide an opinion on the viability of performing teeth whitening.
  • A guarantee of a more even result after the procedure.
  • A professional’s expertise allows them the ability to perform the process faster.
  • Only a dentist can identify the suitable methods to eliminate stubborn stains.
  • Going to a professional helps to preserve your teeth’s health.

However, please note that professional teeth whitening does not come without certain important caveats to preserve the procedure’s efficacy. Therefore, once you have left your session, it is best to:

  • Closely follow any aftercare advice you are given.
  • Avoid any heavily pigmented foods or drinks. This precaution is in response to the fact that the teeth whitening process temporarily makes them more susceptible to staining, especially in the period right after the procedure. Therefore you have to keep away from foods like blueberries, chocolate, beets, coffee, wine and tobacco. Even mouthwashes and toothpaste with extra colour may have a detrimental effect.

Getting that awe-inspiring megawatt smile is not as out of reach as you may believe. Contact your dentist’s office to set up an appointment so that you can consult on the professional tooth whitening treatment for you. Soon, your smile will light up the spaces around you.