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Do You Also Believe In These Myths About Bed Bugs?

Have you ever noticed a balloon-like reddish-brown creature on your bed? A true bug with an antenna? These little monsters are bed bugs. They suck human blood, give you skin rashes and other allergic symptoms. Once you discover that you are living with them, you start looking for ways to throw them out. To remove these unwanted visitors out from your home, you need a professional Bed Bug Exterminator Charlottesville. If you think they will go out on their own, it’s not true. Proper hygiene and the use of pesticides interrupt the stay of these indoor pests, and eventually, you get rid of them.
There are some misconceptions about these bloodsuckers. Such myths prevent us from taking proper action at the right time. Let’s discuss them.

Bed Bugs Will Go Away On Their Own

These unpleasant visitors don’t go away without professional help. A certified professional will exterminate the bed bugs completely from your home. Bed bugs don’t go away by heat alone, and they are resistant to some common chemicals also. Therefore find a good pest control company and take help from them.

If you are trying to spray the bedbugs away with a can of pesticide, then, unfortunately, it is not going to work. You require a commercial-grade treatment for them. A combination of heat, pesticides, steam, and Cryonite will work well. A reliable pest management company will do that for you.

Bedbugs Travel On Our Bodies: A Reason For Bedbug Anxiety

A thought that we are sharing our bed with bugs is enough to make us feel anxious. But thinking beyond that is not relevant at all. They don’t like heat and hence don’t stick to our skin or hair. You may find them in your shoes, backpacks, or other things but not on the body. They’ll contact you only for blood.

Bedbugs Transfer Diseases

They have several bacteria, viruses, and protozoa within them. Still, bedbugs don’t transmit diseases. Bedbugs give only sleeplessness, itching, and anxiety. They are a public health pest and will bite you even if you try sleeping with the lights on.

They Live Only In Dirty Places

No, bedbugs are a friend of every human. From high-rise to the cottage, from rich to poor, they don’t discriminate. If the number of bedbugs is more in low-income homes, the only reason is the dense population. Also, a low-income group cannot afford a proper elimination strategy. It makes these locations more vulnerable. A warm place, carbon dioxide, and blood is their only requirement.

Why Is A Professional Bug Inspection Necessary?

A licensed bug exterminator is trained to determine the bugs at your home. They are aware of fast, non-toxic, and efficient solutions. While you are sleeping bed bug feels the heat of the body and identifies their host. The carbon dioxide exhaled from the breath diverts their attention towards the target. After feeding, they go back to their place and remain there for days or weeks. It makes it difficult to find them. A professional can hunt these pests through some clues like shed bed-bug skins.

The professionals are well-trained about the habits of the pests. Their experience guides them to the location where bugs are hiding. They go through some of the overlooked areas like a bed frame or behind the pictures.

If you notice bites on your body or see bugs at home, then you require a thorough inspection from a professional. Once it is confirmed that you have bedbugs in your home, the experts will start the process of extermination. You can not live with a group of bugs once you discover them.
The techniques and pesticides available with the professional exterminator are capable of treating every size of buildings.

Hire a professional exterminator

Bed Bug Exterminator Charlottesville serves the residents under the necessary laws and regulations. Licensed by State the State of Virginia, we provide transparent and honest services. Our technicians will eliminate the annoying pests to calm your nerves.

We are ready to-go-to service that offers bed bug inspections, maintenance tips, and exterminations. An accurate diagnose of the problem helps in finding the solution in a short period. After determining the severity of the infestation, we provide several treatment options. Once you choose the treatment, we conduct another inspection to monitor the growth of infestation.

Our staff is available seven days a week. Contact us to get rid from the unwanted visitors at your home. We offer cost-effective solutions for both residential and commercial clients.