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Regardless of the reason, car accidents are becoming the leading cause of injuries and loss of lives. Although technology has made significant progress and the roads are improved in design and safety, automobile accidents are common. If you or your family member gets seriously injured, it has a significant impact on your life. Car accident claims are now the most common civil tort case in the courts.

There are also types of accident that you didn’t cause, such as a defect in a vehicle that can lead to an accident. Some weather conditions, animals, or faulty traffic lights can also be the reason for road accidents. Police and court determine who is at fault. Human error or distracted driving, the victim of the accident can take the help of a personal injury lawyer for compensation. In New York City, car collision lawyers wisely prepare the case and settle it for justice. Personal injury lawyer NYC finds out what you can claim in your case and takes the initiative as quickly as possible.

Why Should You Get An Attorney After a Car Accident?

When you have an accident lawyer with you, your chances of success nearly doubles. Your Personal injury Lawyer NYC builds a strong case by investigating the crash properly. They take photographs and obtain police reports to prepare your case. Preserving the evidence is very crucial as they are the game-changer in the court. Lawyers are experts in asking questions to the witnesses and noting even the minute details while filing a car accident claim.

An empathetic and friendly personal injury lawyer visits your home or hospital room when you are seriously injured and cannot come to them. They sometimes assist you in finding the doctors & hospitals and obtain reports to present your case more efficiently. Arranging a loan in financial needs and claiming the insurance within time limits is what a professional injury lawyer does.

There Are Many Types Of Compensations you Can Claim

You can claim for damages for an accident that you didn’t cause. Financial compensations depend upon what occurred and how much was the injury. There are two types of damages economic and non-economic, for which the victim can ask for compensation. You have the right to claim for hospital costs, rehabilitation costs, medical care costs, and more. Many times, the home needs remodeling for wheelchair access. The victim can claim for that too.

There are many losses after an accident or injury such as loss of income from work, loss of earning capacity that results in loss of quality of life. A personal injury lawyer helps you in getting all these compensations. You can speak to the lawyer and discuss how much you can get as compensation for your pain and suffering.

Determine If You Fall Into The Category Of Serious Injury

The victim has the right to claim for the non-economic damages caused by the negligent driver. Pain and suffering may result from fractures, death, loss of limb or permanent loss of use of an organ or body system.

If you or your family member has suffered significant disfigurement or impairment that limits to perform the daily activities, then you are eligible to file the serious injury case.

Processs To File For Car Collision Claim in New York City

While filing a car accident claim, you have to go through several phases like investigations, negotiations, filings, and court visits. The lawyer uses their sources like accident investigators and medical experts to provide supporting evidence for your case.

The first step is the full investigation of the accident, followed by an evaluation of the long term impacts of the injury and demand letter to the insurance company. Next is negotiations to settle the case without the civil court. If the insurance company or the other party fails to offer the fair amount, the lawyer proceeds with filing a formal legal complaint in the civil court.

Finally, the case is presented in the civil court, and the jury decides what has to be done now.

Take The help of Professional Accident Attorney

Law firms like Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP provide immediate assistance in the injury cases.

Our lawyers handle every detail from start to final. We don’t charge a fee unless you win and get your
claim. We make sure that your case is handled with the highest level of professionalism and legal skills.

Contact our experienced lawyers and get compensation for your loss and suffering. We settle your case to your satisfaction.