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Today’s Solutions for Outside Vehicle & Toy Storage

Whether you have outgrown your garage or you never had one, to begin with, there are affordable solutions that won’t break the bank. Building a garage or a carport structure can be expensive and time-consuming. There are plenty of alternatives that will suit your needs and protect your vehicle from extreme weather. Many of which can be purchased, delivered and set up all within a calendar week. You will be surprised by how easy it is to install one yourself.

Let’s dive into the options and what is best for your lifestyle.

Garage Vs Carport

One of the most challenging parts is determining if a carport will suffice or maybe you want something completely enclosed. Shelter Logic has an excellent post on how to determine if a carport or garage is better for your specific situation.

Portable Garages

A portable garage is a great way to shelter a vehicle, farm equipment, livestock feed, and various related products from the environment. Any good portable garage will be able to withstand high winds and keep both snow and rain out of the elements.

Albert Haywood explains, “I needed something to store my 4-wheelers under for my ranch. I purchased a portable garage and it works perfect for what I needed. Now my 4-wheelers stay dry and cleaner.”


If you go the route of a garage or a garage-in-a-box, these systems come with heavy-duty steel frames, and the material is a rip-stop fabric. Rip-stop is a very durable fabric also used in outdoor clothing and gear. The material is designed so if there is every a rip it won’t keep ripping. There might be a small hole, but it will never expand. This helps make these garage-in-a-box garages last longer.

Another benefit of choosing a garage is there is more room to store stuff. Not only can you fit a large vehicle or farm equipment, but you can often fit in other outdoor related items you need to be stored.

Steel Garages

One of the most popular types of outdoor storage is a steel garage. These are the ultimate in durability, and you can be confident that your possessions are locked away safe and secure not only from the elements but from people in general. You can find these type of garages made out of vinyl-coated galvanized steel.

Tip: Ideas on how to organize your garage space


Having a carport has its pros and cons. While the frame and roof material are more durable and sturdy, everything under it is still exposed to the elements. Ultimately a carport will provide shade and protection from most of the rain and are sturdy enough to handle snowfall on the rooftop.

Most people love carport storage for protection of boats, vehicles and out of season toys. Often these products are easy to build and set into the ground.

Whether you go with a garage or carport, there are plenty of products to choose for your needs. You no longer need to have that small steel shed in the backyard or a tarp help up by bungie cords to provide as shelter. Outdoor storage systems have come a long way in both design and durability. Check our shed extensive guides, tutorials and tips.