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Tips to Make Easy Repairs at Home

The dream of your own home repairing does not seem to be very far when you know the right path, which will help you just get down to work, choose cheap but quality materials, and with a little imagination, generate creative solutions.

If you have to do some repairs at home and you have no help, follow these simple tricks.

1-Goodbye to rust

Normally we keep the tools in places like garages, storage rooms or terraces, where moisture wears and oxidizes. If you use them every so often and do not want them to spoil, keep them hanging from nails on a wooden board. That way they do not rub or hit each other. After using, spray some boiled linseed oil. They will remain as newly purchased.

2-How to remove a screw

When you want to remove a screw from a wood, but it is too strong, heat the surface with a hair dryer. The heat dilates the wood and, as it cools, it contracts the hole. So you can extract it more easily.

3–Remove old Wallpaper

To renew a wall with wallpaper, it is essential to remove the old one beforehand. If you want to make it easier, prepare a mixture of hot water and vinegar in equal parts and soak a roller in it. Pass it a couple of times through the wall and you’ll see how the paper comes out.

4-Renovated furniture

If you have old wooden furniture and you want to restore it, rub it with a cloth impregnated in 96% alcohol. Then, you just have to polish it with a special scouring pad and remove the wax residue with fine grain sandpaper. Paint it as you like.

5-Bring Antiques back to Life

From the old fireplace mantel, to replacing/repairing/replicating the fancy trim around the windows and doors in your old home, brad nailer can securely and discreetly rejuvenate antique furniture. Even a novice antique furniture lover will find countless uses of nailer, from fixing loose trim, to making ancient mortise joints whole again.

6–Fix loose doors

You will better fix a loose door if you first unscrew the hinges and place a piece of charcoal of the same size behind it. To finish, put them back in place.

7-Hand saws

If you are going to saw a piece of wood, smear the saw before with a bar of soap or a piece of wax. So not only will it grip better, but it will also slide more easily. The work will be much easier and more comfortable for you.

8-New boards

The silicone tends to deteriorate with use, and even more in the kitchen or bathroom. Before applying it, remove the old one with ether and scrape it with a blade. Clean and dry the area and apply the silicone with the help of the index finger. So that it does not stick to your skin, moisten it well before in a mixture of soap and water.

9-Sealing of pipes

Do you want to fix a broken pipe until the plumber comes? Try the following trick: in the hardware stores there are sealers in tape format, so it is enough to cut the water and surround the broken part with this adhesive.

10-Fluorescent lamp

When a fluorescent lamp takes a long time to turn on or flashes continuously, it is a sign that it is damaged. Do not wait until it is completely damaged; besides being annoying, it consumes more energy. Remove it and put a new LED instead as soon as possible.

11-Star trick

Before making a hole in the wall, put some duct tape. This way you will avoid chipping.

12–Recover the Marble floor Shine

The shine of the marble becomes opaque due to the use and time, so how you can regain it. If you rub the marble with liquid wax you will see that in a short time it recovers the lost shine.

13–Remove stuck screw

If you want to loosen a screw that is stuck, what you can do. You just have to throw in a few drops of coke and you’ll see the difference.

All these tricks will be very useful depending on your specific needs at home. You just have to remember them.

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