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Pods Moving & Storage Review

PODS, which was the first in the versatile stockpiling class, is noteworthy to shoppers for its benefit and administrations. Some portion of the “you pack, they move” gathering, PODS Moving conveys at least one of its compartments to you to load and moves it to your goal or a storeroom. At that point, you empty it at whatever point you are prepared – be it the following day or the following year. The compartments appear to be perfect and solid, the possibility of another person driving them for you is engaging, and the capacity to stack and empty whenever the timing is ideal – without the requirements of due dates (that’s right, you truly can take insofar as you’d like) – makes them hear feathered creatures tweeting and seeing the sun sparkling down on only you. The main drawback that hinders all that will be that PODS’ premium administrations – such capacity and accommodation – is pricier than other DIY moving alternatives, regardless of whether it be neighborhood or long separation, that goes about as a full administration moving hack that is more reasonable than a customary full-administration move. Additionally, on the grounds that it’s so prominent with those moving, you may need to plan the conveyance ahead of time, particularly in the spring and summer when loads of individuals are moving.

Here are the points of interest in my fanciful move: I live in a 3-room home with two huge flights of stairs. Notwithstanding the rooms, there are more than two restrooms, a completed cellar (which incorporates a bar and living region highlighting a couch that transforms into a ruler estimated bed), a pantry (with capacity under the staircase that incorporates boxes of occasion embellishments), a kitchen, family room (with two couches, including another that changes over to a ruler measured bed), formal lounge area (with an enormous and substantial china storeroom loaded up with fragile china and glasses for engaging), and an upper room (with certain pieces that will in the long run be utilized to change over my child’s little child bed to a ruler estimated bed and my wedding dress stuffed in a unique box for protection). The statements I got depend on this data.


Costs differ dependent on the separation of the move and the size and number of the compartments you need. For instance, for my designed move from New Jersey to Florida, I was going to pay $5,452.08 in three installments. The first would be for $1,352.07 (due 5 business days before the holder conveyance at my N.J. home), the second would be for $4,075.36 (due 5 business days before the shipment to Florida), and the last installment of $24.65 (due 5 business days before the get of void compartments at my Florida address). These installments incorporate two PODS moving holders of the biggest size – 8′ X 8′ X 16′(HWL), fuel, assesses, any prep of the compartments in the PODS focuses, one month of capacity, and inclusion of up to $10,000 (for harm or misfortune that is the consequence of flame, lightning, robbery, PODS carelessness, and so on.) You can pay additional for extra inclusion. What’s more, you can keep the holders for whatever length of time that you’d like to stack, store your stuff, or empty. Yet, you will pay all the more every month for capacity. You will be charged $399.98 for the second month of capacity should you keep the holders that long, and you’ll pay $359.98 for any month after that (so about $150 and $155 per 16′ compartment). I paid an additional $8.50 each for two locks, one for every holder. It would take PODS six days barring Sundays and occasions to touch base in Florida from New Jersey once I was prepared for conveyance.


Units have a ton making it work. There are significant accommodation factors, particularly the opportunity to stack and empty at your recreation and the capacity to store your stuff on the property while changing to another home or revamping one. It is the most adaptable organization there is for its crossing out strategy. The gear sounds advanced and sturdy yet simple to utilize. What’s more, the client is by all accounts at the bleeding edge of the organization’s needs.

You have until the day preceding your planned compartment drop off to drop the booking and still get a full discount. Adjusting the booking can happen practically whenever however PODS lean towards you connect around five days ahead of time.

You don’t need to stress over pulling your stuff in a major truck or pushing that thing to far-away grounds, for example, Florida. Another person does it for you, and it’s one less stress, which abandons you with time and vitality for worrying about everything else move related.


There is no doubt that PODS offers an advantageous administration, however, there are some exchange offs. Costing more than $5,000 for a long-remove move of a 3-room house, PODS is pricier than some other DIY alternatives (yet still more moderate than conventional full-administration choices). Finding that you have to book the move ahead of time to verify the dates you need can be a mood killer. Being unfit to get a statement or save a long-remove move online isn’t as advantageous as it could be in this computerized world.

This was a costly choice, I think, in light of the sort of move I was professing to make. I would need to lease two of the biggest compartments to fit in all the stuff that typically heaps up in a 3-room home. Furthermore, a PODS driver would need to travel a long separation from New Jersey to Florida to convey my stuff to me. On the off chance that I was moving to a little spot and a shorter separation, this may have been ideal for me. What’s more, if that was all valid and I required capacity for sure, I’m sure it would have been a match. The primary month of capacity is heated into the statement, all things considered.

When I input my data into the online device for getting a free statement, I was given a telephone number to call. I likewise could snap to visit online with a client administration delegate however just to pose general inquiries, which I did and got agreeable answers. I needed to work with a client administration agent through telephone to get both my gauge and reservation. The operator was polite and worked superbly of clarifying everything. Plainly, he was very much prepared with some degree practiced spiel about the whole procedure, estimating, and all the rest.

Wrapping it up

Incorporated into the cost is inclusion up to $10,000. This ensures you in case of flame, lightning, theft, PODS carelessness, and so forth. You can put resources into more inclusion on the off chance that you’d like. For $59.95 every month, you can get inclusion up to $15,000; for $69.95 every month, you can get inclusion up to $20,000; for $179.95 every month, you can get inclusion up to $100,000. You should buy your extra inclusion ahead of time of your underlying compartment conveyance date. This protection does NOT cover any harm that happens to your merchandise amid ordinary travel. It possibly covers your merchandise in travel if there’s a mishap as if the compartment were to get hit with by a tornado or broadsided by a semi-trailer. There’s uplifting news, however.

There are many regions with 2-3 areas in each. Neighborhood workplaces keep up their own armadas of trucks and holders. A portion of the trucks might be more up to date than others. Cases do not sell compartments and only from time to time decommissions them. They are fixed by the capacity focuses, as well, as per the reaction of an online client administration agent.