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What Are the Best Locations to Invest in Real Estate in 2022?

Did you know that the number of single-family homes bought by investors grew by 18% in 2021? Analysts expect both single and multi-family properties to do well for investors this year, too.

But what are the best locations to invest in real estate in 2022? Not all cities present the same real estate investment opportunities as others.

The following guide will highlight real estate investment locations that are worth your money. Read on to learn which cities smart investors love for 2022.

Boise, Idaho

Boise’s biggest benefit is that its population and job are 2-3 times the National Average. There’s also a low cost of doing business and a low unemployment rate.

Home values in Boise are expected to hold despite high appreciation. This is because demand for the city’s overall market appears to be so strong.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas has a large housing stock available and high rental rates. The city offers a diverse economy so there’s a market for every income level. More people currently rent in Dallas than those that own their homes.

The Dallas Metro area is growing and more single-family homes and apartments keep popping up each year. This creates a great opportunity for investors because the demand for housing is surging.

Memphis, Tennessee

The demand for houses and rental properties is also strong in Memphis. An influx of people in this location combined with a housing shortage makes it the ideal market for rental properties.

Memphis is also very business-friendly on top of having steady population growth.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta’s growing population and employment have created a huge demand for housing. The city shows all of the key signs of a healthy real estate market.

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and also its economic center. The city is a large contributor to America’s yearly GDP. Property prices will likely rise quickly in the next few years so many investors are trying to get in early.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas brings in high levels of convention business and tourism. The city also has steady population growth and rising rental prices. Single-family home values are growing quickly in Las Vegas as well.

There is no state income tax in Nevada which has helped stimulate economic growth.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is another tourism and entertainment city gaining attention from investors. You can choose between long-term residential investments or vacation rentals. Both options produce strong returns in Orlando.

Spokane, Washington

Spokane only has a population of about 230,000 people but its popularity is growing. House prices are low compared to the rest of the country which is great for first-time investors.

Believe it or not, homes in Spokane are selling faster than homes in Seattle. There are also plenty of excellent renting opportunities north of Garland street.

Best Locations To Invest in Real Estate

Now you know some of the best locations to invest in real estate for 2022. People are steadily moving to all of the cities mentioned and they all have strong workforces.

Make a property investment in one of those booming cities to ensure successful returns. Check out our business section for more tips and fascinating information.