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Top Six Tips to Use Patches In All Kinds of Events

If you’re planning an event, you need trendy custom patches everywhere! Embroidered patches are cost-effective to promote an event.

Patches have endless potential as a promotional item and are always launched in several styles, but they can be of different sizes. A beautiful custom embroidery patches can even emulate any logo or design that could be required for any event.Custom patches can be relied on different ideas of any size, shape, material, and colors that bring up different combinations and possibilities.

Types of Events that can Embrace Patches:

  •  Weddings
  • Anniversary parties
  •  Birthdays
  • Sporting events
  • School events
  • Corporate events

Here are some awesome tips for custom patches for varied events…
awesome tips for custom patches

  • Patches as Gifts:Offer guests a complimentary sew-on embroidered patch for an event. Say you organize a non-profit benefit and include giveaways to show up to the event. Here custom patches serve as excellent memorabilia for future years.
  •  Patches as Prizes: If your event includes a competitive sport, consider patches as a prize! Custom embroidered patches are great prizes that can be customizable in more ways than one. Not only that, patches give the winner the chance to show off their prize, which implies free promotion and good memories associated with the said event.
  • Patches as Team Uniforms: If your event includes a team competition, use patches to denote teams in different colours. Make up some fun names for the teams and design some cool logos too, then create patches with the same. Slap them on shirts that will foster a sense of community, group camaraderie and drive interest within the team while also highlighting the brand.
  • Patches for Participation: In college events, students are keen to participate in group activity and patches inspire the motto for participation. The custom printed patches boost confidence level and drive enthusiasm too.
  •  Invitation Cards with Patches: Let’s get people curious about the event by sending out invitations with embroidery patches. Invite your guests with embroidery custom patches and design them in a way that they can use it later too.
  • Name Tag Patches: Use of name tag patches have been in vogue since long. Other than names, you can include your business logo, icons, designs, patterns and textures that are relevant to your brand. Get creative when working on these name tag patches

Types of Custom Patches:

Types of Custom Patches
1. Embroidery Patches: Embroidered patches are used on uniforms, hats, jackets, and all kinds of accessories. The custom design is mostly embroidered with thread. Embroidered patches are found in various patterns with some of them boasting of 50% embroidery, while some boast of 100% embroidery. The coverage percentage indicates thread coverage with different textures.

2. Woven Patches: Woven patches make use of thinner threads that are woven rather than embroidered onto a fabric, and quite good enough when something complex is on the line with the embroidery process. Woven patches utilize thread only, in a continuous design. They also achieve fine detail in design and text with a smooth appearance with no presence of raised texture. Woven patches are good enough to mimic the photographic realism of humans, landscapes, gradients, and blends.

3. PVC Patches: These patches are good enough to render novelty designs, tactical gear, etc. They are rugged in nature and can protect itself from water, mud, and even grit. The unique material allows “sculpting” for a 3-D effect and a good tactile feel.

4. Chenille Patches: The chenille patches are popularly used on varsity jackets especially during an awards ceremony. Usually, chenille patches include two layers, a bottom felt and a furry top and resemble custom shapes along with letters, numbers, and words.

5. Leather Patches: These patches are much preferred by fashion brands, outdoors brands, bags labels, and others. These are versatile patches as they are classy and have thick hides in terms of faux leather for customers who are keen on a vegan alternative – plus options like logos, rivets and more.

6. Printed Patches: Printed patches involve photographs, designs, or text that are printed on twill fabric. Ink is used to fuse the design on fabric through the dry sublimation process and hence these patches can be coloured as you want. Printed patches can be washed and dry-cleaned. Also, these patches are a great choice for those having an extremely short time window, since the printing process time is lower than that of the embroidery process.

7. Bullion Patches: Bullion Crests are usually handcrafted by artisans, in a thicker and sturdier avatar compared to embroidered patches, incorporating wire, beads, velvet, and the like. These patches are used by several groups and entities with a splendid finish. If you can afford to wait; bullion crests help images to shine forever.

8.Name Patches: Name patches are found on work shirts and are used as professional identifiers. They are usually embroidered locally or ordered as a final product after application. These are less expensive compared to the embroidered patches. Additionally, you can order a variety of name patches in embroidered or printed form as you require.