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Important Things to Know About GPT Partition

Partitioning is considered to be very important to enhance the efficiency of your device. Speaking of which, there are different types of partitioning that you can perform. One of the common types of partitioning is GPT partitioning. As the title suggests, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about GPT partitioning. Other than that, we will also tell you about a reliable damaged partition recovery software that you can use to complete the process. Along with that, we also cover the steps you need to perform using the recover RAW partition software.

What is GPT partitioning?

GPT partition is also known as GUID partition which is one of the latest types of partition that is performed by the users. This technique has been developed in order to replace the inefficiencies of the MBR partitioning technique. With the help of GPT partition, you can easily overcome the restrictions levied by MBR partition. Also, you can avail more partitions in GPT partition.

Steps to Perform GPT Partition

If you are interested to perform GPT partition, you can go through the following steps in order to complete the process. Before you start make sure that you convert the MBR drive to GPT partition.

Right click on the My Computer icon shown on the screen. You will get to see a lot of options from which you need to select Manage.

Once you the computer management interface is shown on the screen, choose the disk management. After you select disk management, you will get to see some information flashing on the screen.

Right click on the partition that you want to convert to GPT after which you need to select the option ‘delete volume.’

In this step, you need to make sure that the unallocated portion is also changed into GPT partition. Once you right click on the deleted partition, you will get to see the option ‘convert to GPT.’

Steps to recover data from GPT partition

You can come across a huge list of free RAW partition recovery software out there. But the main point here is to choose the best one. As promised, in the beginning, of the article, we recommend you to use Recoverit Data Recovery to restore data from GPT partition. This is one of the best-damaged partition recovery free software available out there. The software can be sued on both Windows and Mac platform.

Recoverit Data Recovery software can be used to recover all types of lost data including photos, files, music, videos, audios, etc. from any storage device you want. This not only a reliable but also safe software to use. It is also known to support data recovery from sudden deletion, virus attack, formatting and under other situations as well. Before you start with the steps, you need to download the software on your device. Once you have successfully installed the software, you can proceed further with the steps.

The first thing you need to do is launch the software on your device after which you need to select the lost partition and click “Start” button.

2. The it will start an all-around scan for the partition to find your data.

3. Once the scanning process gets over, you can preview the recovered files. Now tick the files that you want to keep and then select the ‘recover’ button to complete the process. You can locate the recover button at the lower side of the interface.

After you complete the above mentioned steps, your work is done. Now you can access the data that you lost due to GPT partition. You are advised to store your data in a safe storage media to keep them protected.

Thus, from the above discussion, it is clear that GPT partition is any day better than MBR partition.

That’s because it overcomes the limitations set by the MBR partition. In addition, you also get more partitions in GPT partition. However, you need to keep your data safe while performing the GPT partition. Despite that, if you end up losing your data, you can make use of Recoverit Data Recovery software in order to restore your data from the GPT partition. Now that you know the steps, it should be easier for you to complete the process.