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7 Ways to Make Your House Smell Absolutely Wonderful

Different smells cause different emotions and reactions. To some, they can trigger nausea. Therefore, there’s a need to make your house smell absolutely wonderful to keep everyone comfortable.

What’s more? You don’t have to break your bank to achieve this. You can use affordable products such as candles, flowers, essential oils, and deodorizers. Tropical stovetop potpourri and dryer sheets equally work wonders. Above all, maintain cleanliness.

Let’s discuss each of these ways in detail.

Do Thorough Cleaning

Never try to eliminate odors if the house is dirty and there is leftover food in the sink! First things first, thoroughly clean it and remove everything that’s causing the odor. It can be rotten food, dog or cat poop, or too much waste in the trash can.

Don’t neglect washing your pet’s bed. Clean all shoes and beddings, too. Then, use a deodorizer, either DIY or buy one. If you choose to DIY, you can mix warm water, fabric softener crystals, and baking soda. Moreover, check this domestic cleaning Edinburgh to know about professional cleaning for your home.


Apart from providing light and eliminating flies in your house, candles do also provide a fantastic scent. Not all, though, but some such as those from Mrs. Meyer work wonders.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that the candle won’t eliminate the odors, but they’ll provide a wonderful scent. So, you might still want to investigate the source of the odor and deal with it accordingly.

Use Essential Oils

Depending on the type of scent you want and how long you want it to last, there are different essential oils you can use. For example, some scents make sleeping easy, and others elevate your mood.

Some of the scents include lavender, clove, cinnamon, and peppermint.

In addition, use citrus oils.

Dryer Sheets

Laundry can be one source of odor in the house. To eliminate this, wash your laundry using dryer sheets. Not only will it soften your clothes, but it will equally leave the whole place smelling awesome! Alternatively, stick the dryer sheet on the vent of your house or anywhere else so it releases a good aroma.

Deodorizers For The Trash Can

Sometimes it can take a while before the trash collection company comes along. Dealing with the smell from the trash can be a nightmare. However, you can make deodorizer tablets.

Throw the tablet in the trash can. Ensure that the tablet has a strong scent because trash, too, has a strong smell.

Tropical Stove Top Potpourri

Tropical stovetop potpourri placed on the stove is especially good if you’ve guests coming.

You can add peppermint to citrus juice such as oranges and lemons. This is best for the summer seasons. In winter, simmer apples, cloves, and cinnamon in hot water.

Alternatively, use freshener potpourri packets. They work well in all seasons.

Plant House Flowers

House flowers do not only emanate beauty, but they also give a continuous scent in your house. Such plants include Jasminum polyanthum, lavender, gardenia, citrus, scented geraniums, and orchids.

For good results, though, you must take good care of these flowers.  Otherwise, they’ll rot and be another source of odor.