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4 Ways To Send Love To A Sick Friend

When a friend or loved one is sick, all we want is to do is make them feel even a little
better. While a medical miracle may be out of our hands, we can still help get them
on the road to recovery by sending love, offering encouragement, and lifting their
spirits. It is often the case that a cheerful and positive outlook can help speed up the
process of healing beyond what medical treatments can do. Knowing that people
care can do wonders for a person who is physically or mentally going through a
rough time.

There are many wonderful and creative ways to send our love and well wishes.
Sometimes the simplest things make the best gifts. The key is to make sure we put
our heart and sincerest thoughts into whatever we give. Read on for some
thoughtful gift ideas.

Send A “Get Well Soon” Gift Basket

Nothing cheers up a sick room better than a festive gift basket overflowing with all
the recipient’s favorite things. These can be an assortment of delicious and healthy
snacks, a collection of rejuvenating home spa essentials, or even a hamper filled
with books and games to help them pass the time. If lavishly filling a basket with
special or unique items seems daunting, there are curated gift-giving sites available
online that offer fully assembled gift baskets for every occasion, and which deliver
them on the date you choose.

Create A Handmade Card

Anyone can buy a card from a store and mail it with very little effort. You know
instantly when a card you’ve received is generic and impersonal. But one that was
lovingly crafted by hand will stay in a person’s memory for a long time to come. A
card that features your personal artwork and your thoughtful, handwritten well-
wishes makes a very life-affirming gift. Let your creativity and inspiring words
brighten up your friend’s day, not to mention their wall or bedside table!

Send Comfort Food

There’s a reason for the word “comfort” in comfort food. If there’s anything a person
under the weather needs, it’s warm, delicious, home-cooked meals. A hearty bowl of
chicken soup, for example, contains many wonderful nutrients and has been known
to boost the immune system. It certainly tastes better than medicine!

Offer To Do Housework Or Run Errands

When someone is ill, physical strength and mobility are usually limited. Not being
able to do things on your own can sometimes cause depression, which in turn makes
recovery more difficult. One of the kindest things you can do for a sick friend or

loved one is to be there when they need help. You can offer to fix up their room or
tend to their garden. You can take their pets for a walk or care for them temporarily.
A simple grocery run can make a world of difference for your friend’s peace of mind.
Your presence in their time of need makes a priceless gift indeed.
You can add to this list by thinking of all the possible things that might bring your
loved one joy. Whether you choose to give a comforting gift or offer much-needed
help, your love and kindness might just prove to be the cure they need.

Article Credit: Jet Gift Baskets