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Biker Earrings – Created for Motorcyclists, Available for Everyone

Everybody knows that bikers can’t live without eye-catching jewelry whether it be rings, necklaces, or bracelets. However, not every motorcyclist is wishing to pierce his ears to rock earrings. But, if you already have holes in your lobes, why ignore this dashing and hip accessory?

Are Earrings Right for Men?

If you happen to think that earrings are exclusively for ladies, you should think again. If you take a look at the earrings history, you’ll see that this jewelry was originally men’s up to the Middle Ages until the church banned the wearing of earrings. According to the clergy, pierced ears spoil the perfect image of a person. However, men were not ready to part with this accessory. Pious Christians followed the instructions of the church while numerous opposing groups (pirates, gypsies, and thieves, for example) flaunted these items as a sign of disobedience. But earrings were not only a symbol of rebellion but also a means to emphasize masculinity. For instance, sailors inserted an earring into their ears after sailing around the Cape of Good Hope, which really required courage several centuries ago.

Up to the 20th century, earrings remained the lot of the chosen and were almost forgotten among ordinary men. Everything has changed after the birth of the biker movement. Motorcyclists began to wear earrings for the same reasons as previous generations of men – to show the denial of public morality and emphasize the boldness. Following the bikers, earrings attracted rockers and popular performers. And everything that becomes a hit in popular culture surely turns into sought-after items in our society. So, by the end of the 20th century, very few people could have been surprised by an earring in a man’s ear.

Biker Earring Styles

Despite the abundance of various men’s earrings, biker styles haven’t lost their popularity. The things that make them special are symbolism inherent in motorcycle culture, massive shapes, and certain conservatism regarding styles and materials. Besides, biker earrings are unisex meaning that even a girl can rock those to create a badass image.

Most biker earrings are molded of silver and other white metals. It is because motorcyclists stick to the monochrome color palette (all leather elements should be black, all accents should be white-ish). Plus, riders don’t accept artificial materials because they look and feel fake. The pops of color created by gem inlays are welcome but not more than that. Plastic colorful pieces are definitely not about biker jewelry. You can learn more about biker studs, dangles, and hoop earrings if you check out, one of the biggest jewelry brands for motorcyclists.


Many pieces of biker jewelry feature symbols loved and understood among motorcycle enthusiasts. If you are not into bikership, skull images might scare you. But for bikers, skulls are a kind of guardian angels that help keep motorcyclists safe and sound while riding.

Besides skulls, you can see other edgy and quirky symbols in biker jewelry. For instance, flames convey the desire for speed and freedom. Animals, such as eagles, wild cats, boars, snakes, coyotes, and even dragons are often a part of biker insignia so no wonder that they are depicted on earrings too. Iron crosses, despite the fact that they may raise eyebrows among regular people, are traditional biker symbols denoting protest and masculinity. Other popular motifs are Celtic, Indians, crosses, motorcycle parts, bells, and so on.