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Top 5 Women Fashion Blunders!! You Should Stop Right Now

Do you tend to follow celebrities from fashion magazines? Are you someone who tries to follow the fashion trend blindly without even understanding your comfort? Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you face embarrassment due to the wrong choice of an outfit? Fashion should be something which you should be comfortable with. But there are times when you fail to wear the right outfit and face embarrassment. There are few fashion blunders that women generally tend to go through. Here is the list of those blunders which you can refer to. Here we go!

Buying too big or too small clothes

Another blunder that we generally notice which women follow is choosing too big or too small clothes in size. If you are too thin and if you think that choosing the loose fitted or oversized clothes would make you look healthy then you are wrong. Choosing larger clothes can make you look like a grocery bag. Similarly, if you are chubby and choose the smaller clothes to look thin then you can end up looking like a stuffed bag or busty. Hence Make sure to choose the clothes of the proper size. If you are shopping online then you can refer to the size chart provided with each product to ease your shopping. You can also buy Linen Clothing in Australia If you are shopping at stores then you can try those clothes before buying to avoid the hassles of return or exchange.

Wearing too much jewellery

Having a jewellery is always a great idea. It’s a great fashion and practical investment since you can easily pawn real gold jewellery in a pawnshop. It is always recommended to wear suitable jewellery to match the outfit. But many people tend to overdo it. We have seen many people flaunting heavy neck pieces with long and heavy earrings. Wearing too many accessories at a time is considered a fashion blunder that can put off your appearance. You can keep a set of suitable jewellery as per the occasion. If you are a working professional then wearing too many accessories or jewellery can disturb the environment. In this case, you can stock up on minimal jewellery which would go with your professional outfit. Similarly, if you are heading for the casual outing then make sure to wear the minimum set of jewellery that would go with your casual outfit.  

Not analysing your body type

You might be dreaming about wearing that favourite dress which your favourite celebrity is wearing but it is not necessary that the one looks best on her would suit you as well. Your body type and her body type would be different. Most of the women try to follow models and actresses blindly without even analysing their body structure. Hence before choosing or buying any dress then make sure to choose the one which would suit your body shape. Apart from this also choose the colour of the dress carefully since the wrong choice can spoil your look. If you are fair then you can choose any colour but if you have dusky skin then you can choose clothes with light colours.


Everyone loves their body and they love to flaunt it. Women are no exception to it and they generally tend to expose their body to look attractive and seek attention in the crowd. But everything comes with a limit. Make sure to flaunt or display little of your body parts and draw a line for yourself. You might be under the impression that overexposure or over flaunting your body would make you look beautiful then you are wrong. Try to wear sensible clothing and make your image as a classy girl rather than the one who exposes a lot.

Wearing heavy makeup all the time

Wearing makeup is the birthright of any woman. Many of you might have a habit of putting on some makeup before heading out. But again, here there is a limitation since wearing heavy makeup all the time can spoil your overall look. If you are heading out in the day time then try to wear minimal makeup with subtle colours while for the evening you can choose the darker shades. Try to use glittery eyeshadows or highlighters in the day time as it can turn you into a flashlight.

We hope that considering these blunders would help you to revamp your style and fashion statement.

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