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Waking Up Tired? 5 Thing You Need to Know

Morning is the best time to start new things. Many habit coaches and experts recommend getting up early and starting your day to improve productivity. But waking up early and staying refreshed might not be your cup of tea if you wake up tired and frustrated every day. Most people face this issue of tiredness no matter how many hours you sleep in a day. Sometimes you do not feel refreshed even after a cup of coffee and shower. There could be many reasons due to which you experience this issue. Here are a few of the reasons and the solutions that you can refer to if you are the victim.

Poor Sleep Environment

A poor sleep environment can make a huge impact on your sleeping patterns and end up facing tiredness in the morning while waking up. There are many factors such as Mattress issues, too hot or cold bedrooms and loud noises. If you are facing the issue with body stiffness or body aching then your mattress could be the reason. In this case, you can get a quality mattress that would support the body posture and keep your back straight to prevent body ache. Apart from this, you can also invest in quality quilts. You can buy quilt covers online. Make sure to replace your mattresses after every 9 to 10 years and choose the medium-firm model.  Either too hot or too cold a room can also result in sleeping discomfort and can get you tiredness in the morning. If the temperature of your room is colder then you can consider wearing socks while sleeping which would keep you warm for the whole night. Make sure to keep the bedroom temperature between 60-degree F and 67-degree F. Also make sure to change your sleepwear occasionally according to the climate.

Poor drinking and eating habits

Do you know that poor eating and drinking habits can also result in sleepless nights and tired mornings? For example, if you are addicted to coffee and have a habit of sipping caffeine at bedtime as well then it could result in a sleepless night. Hence make sure to avoid food products that contain caffeine at bedtimes such as coffee, chocolate and certain soft drinks. Make sure you avoid caffeine products at least 7 hours before sleeping. Apart from this also limit your coffee intake up to one or two servings. If you are an alcohol addict then it can also result in sleep issues. The more alcohol you sip in the night the more disturbed sleep you will get in the night and cause you tiredness in the morning. Hence make sure to avoid alcohol in the evening and keep the intake limited to up to 2 drinks for men and one drink for women.

Sleep Inertia

Sleep inertia is a disorder that causes a groggy and disoriented feeling in the morning. It can even cause you to fall asleep back if you do not get up immediately. Here you would not have any energy to get up or perform any chores. This issue can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour sometimes in the morning. You can experience sleep inertia if you do not get proper sleep, if you set an alarm for the time earlier than the usual one and if you tend to wake up abruptly in the night in between the deep sleep. If you are a victim of sleep inertia then you can make sure to get full sleep first at night and limit your afternoon naps to only up to 30 minutes. You can also try sipping any caffeinated drink such as coffee once you wake up.

Exposure to blue light

The blue lights in the bedroom can cause serious damage to your sleep. It generally suppresses the secretion of melatonin. This hormone helps to regulate your body’s circadian rhythm which is also known as the sleep-wake cycle. Affecting this hormone can affect your quality of sleep and can make you feel tired in the morning. Make sure to avoid the screen time at least for 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. You can use the dim lights and try to expose yourself to the bright light in the daytime. If you have to use any electronic items that emit blue light then you can use the blue-blocking glasses at night.                                  

Sleeping disorders

There are various sleeping disorders due to which you can face sleepless nights and tired mornings. Some of the commonly known issues are sleep apnea, Insomnia and Sleep movement disorders. You can consult with your doctor if you are facing these issues to recover faster.

You can improve your sleeping habits and take the proper consultation from the doctor. Practising the above-mentioned tips can show improvement over time.

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