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How to Transform Your Living Room

When renovating the home, it’s often the bathroom or kitchen that comes first, with very little of the budget left for anywhere else. But as the living room is a place to relax, socialise and enjoy family time, it deserves a little revamp every once in a while. 

As the past year has meant most of us have spent considerably more time staring at the same four walls for both work and play, 2021 is the perfect time to give your living room a new lease of life. That’s why we’re sharing some great, affordable ways to transform the space. Just in time for family and friends to start coming back indoors!


Clutter can quickly turn even the most open-plan space into a stuffy and small-feeling room. So, it’s time to say goodbye to ‘stuff’ and bring the living room back to its once perfectly aligned position. We all accumulate clutter over time – whether it’s stacks of magazine subscriptions we never get round to reading, phone chargers, and wires that don’t seem to have a purpose or simply just having too many cushions to actually comfortably sit on the sofa… 

Be ruthless in your decluttering. As Marie Condo says, get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy. Or at least, get rid of things that don’t belong in the living room. 

Revamp the windows

Let in the light! Heavy drapes or fabric blinds can often make a room feel darker and smaller. Swapping these out for bay window shutters by ShuttersUp, for example, can actually brighten the room and add a new stylish texture. Shutters and blinds are often much more affordable than new curtains and sit within the frame of the window rather than hiding the sides. Plus, you can create a private and cozy atmosphere at night without making the room feel stuffy and small. 


Sometimes a quick rearrange can make a room feel as good as new, without having to spend a penny. Switching where the sofa sits can totally change your perspective of the living room and the space available. 

For a larger renovation, you’d be surprised how much difference a change in furniture shape, size or style can revitalize the room and give you more space to play with. You could even look to change the position of radiators and doorways to more convenient and spatially logical areas. 

Get the lighting right

Nobody likes to ‘put the big light on’, so if you’re finding your living room is feeling a little dull and dark, it might be time to consider new accent lighting. Something as simple as swapping a standard bulb and shade out for a multi-bulb statement fixture can open up the space and brighten the room. Similarly, using a floor lamp with a dimmer switch can help you create a moody or snuggly ambiance for the evening or Wintery months. 

Transforming your living space into a relaxing sanctuary doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With a few small switches and quick declutter, you could be falling back in love with your living room.