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Advice From A Dating Coach’s Girlfriend on Building A Great Relationship

Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz and his advice are trusted by people who wish to find love. After all, he has helped many couples thrive in their relationships since 2003. 

Although he was called the ‘serial dater guy’ by CNN, he is together with a girlfriend who deems herself a ‘serial monogamist.’ Despite their differences, they agree on relationships and on giving the right tips. 

If you want to find love through a unique perspective, read this dating advice from Evan Marc Katz’s girlfriend

Minimize Your Outbursts

More often than not, men call women crazy. And yes, the dating coach’s girlfriend believes this to be partially true. After all, ladies tend to be in touch with their emotions — so much so that they usually get the best of them. 

And while it’s perfectly good to try and understand guys and flag them up when they make mistakes, it’s not right to emote every time his communication method bothers you. 

When you do this daily, he can end up being desensitized to your outbursts. And when something huge comes up one day, he might end up ignoring it rather than trying to work it out. 

And just like most women, the girlfriend of dating coach Evan Marc Katz wasn’t always even-tempered. She used to be just as emotional — lashing out on the guy whenever she felt like doing so. 

But then a great part of their relationship happened, thus helping solidify her belief. 

Early on in their relationship, the ‘serial dater’ RSVP’d that he was going to a wedding. It’s a normal response, except that they were still together as the time for the event came. Of course, the girlfriend was mad — she hoped that she’d go with him. She felt like he didn’t care about her feelings. 

True to form, Evan Marc Katz listened intently to everything his girlfriend had to say when he came back. Instead of brushing it off — as most men do because they’re desensitized to daily personal outbursts — he validated her feelings and told her that he wished she had been there.

To sum it up, the advice from a dating coach’s partner is this: fight the urge to throw small temper tantrums just because you feel like doing so. So, when a significant relationship event comes up, your boyfriend won’t think twice about helping you. 

Follow the Golden Relationship Rule

“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.” 

This is one piece of advice from a dating coach that you should remember well. In essence, you should treat your love the way you want him to treat you. 

Sadly, most women don’t think that they’re getting away with this golden rule of dating. For example, a girl doesn’t appreciate it when her man bosses her around while she ends up helping herself by forcing him to do whatever she wants. 

In the end, they go and manipulate the man in a way that she wouldn’t want to happen to her. More often than not, women use more potent weapons to do this, such as anger, guilt, or even sex. 

According to the advice from a dating coach, men are somehow used to this. As the girlfriend recalled, the dating coach was invited to a great party on the day they planned to see a concert. While Evan Marc graciously declined the invitation, his girlfriend insisted that he go. 

Generally speaking, guys in relationships for several years make do with losing their freedom. Never mind if the plans were settled months before. They’re willing to change it because they know that not doing so would frustrate the other person. 

Taking the golden rule of life into account, you would want your man to understand and let you go with your friends as well.

Give Your Man a Second Choice

Golfers describe this event as a ‘mulligan,’ wherein a player is entitled to get a second shot if his first was erroneous. When it comes to love advice from a dating coach, a mulligan means letting a minor issue pass sans a strong response. 

Giving a mulligan is one of the most useful dating tips for relationships. If you understand men, you would know them to be simple individuals. 

Ladies, on the other hand, are much more complex. They notice everything in terms of love communication. That includes what their partners say, how they speak it, what they were doing when they said it, and what they did afterward. 

Since women are great at dissecting relationships, you’ll end up hurting yourself if you don’t let the simple ones slide. 

Simply put, the relationship advice from the dating coach and his lady love is this: if someone really loves you, he won’t do anything to hurt you or get you mad. 

So, before you blow your top on a simple statement, let the moment pass. More often than not, it’s not a personal vendetta meant to offend you. 

Men and women have strong views on relationships. No matter how great or personal they may be, these can be resolved with the help of some advice from a dating coach and his girlfriend. 

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