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Function Over Form: How to Design a Functional Home Without Sacrificing Style

A stylish home doesn’t have to be a non-functional home, and a functional home doesn’t have to be an unfashionable one. Your home needs a focus on function over form to better suit your daily-living needs, but you can create a design that’ll please both your eyes and your daily needs.

When planning to remodel or design the interior of your home, think about the things that you need out of your home the most. This should be your starting point. Once you know what these needs are, you can then move on to the formation of it all.

It’s time to embrace the concept of function over form. Continue reading below for a few ideas on how to design a home that’ll provide you with all the functional features you need and all of the design trends you want. Here’s what you need to know!

Defined Spaces

For starters, a functional home is a home without clutter. If clutter begins to accumulate, then your home will begin to lose its function. To keep clutter to a minimum, create defined spaces for everything.

Open layouts are trending and many homeowners want to enjoy living in open-concept homes. You still need to create defined spaces, though.

You can do so by ensuring that all of your furniture for each specific room stays within that room’s perimeter.

You don’t want your living room furniture crossing over into your dining room. Use plants, artwork, and rugs to help define each space
while still maintaining the open-concept feel.

Double-Duty Windows

When we say double-duty windows, we mean windows that are, in fact, double duty as far as their durability and their functions. As a homeowner, it’s important to invest in the things that will give you the most bang for your buck in the long run. Installing double-duty windows such as hurricane windows provides you with protection, energy savings, and aesthetic designs.

These types of windows take care of several different homeowners’ needs all in one. You need windows that match your home’s style and design but will also keep you safe during a hurricane while saving you money on your energy bill. The great thing about hurricane windows is that they come in several different design styles to choose from!

Optimal Lighting

Optimal lighting in each specific room will help create a “wow” factor. It’ll also help you define the space if you’re still having trouble doing so. The right amount of and the right type of lighting makes a room functional and it’s own space.

Depending on the room, think about what type of lighting you could benefit from the most. Task lighting is important when you’re in the kitchen and need good lighting for cutting items on the counter. It’s also important when in the garage, arts and crafts room, or laundry room completing tedious tasks.

Install lighting that’ll make each room reach its full functional potential.

Smooth Flow

Each room should have a smooth flow within it and around it to help you get from one room to another. You don’t want to have to go around large objects or squeeze your way through your own home. Everything inside each room should be strategically placed so that the flow is smooth and without obstacles.

When planning the design, you can take a sheet of paper and draw out where you’d like your furniture to go. Be sure to take measurements of the room and the furniture items to get a good idea of how much space there is. Can you walk around the room with ease?

What’s the transition like from one room to the next? Are all essential items located within a close range of one another? Keep these questions in mind when designing your rooms.

Practical Designs

You want to be sure to keep practicality in mind as well. Your home shouldn’t be a difficult task to deal with each day. Your home should be practical and cater to all your needs.

Think about all of the most important things you need from your home and ensure the design is made in a way that makes doing these things practical. Take your laundry room for example. It might not be your favorite room in the house, but it’s an important one.

Design your laundry room in a way so that everything you need is right there to cater to you.

Flexible Designs

A functional home is also a home that’s flexible. You should find ways to create designs that’ll easily transition with you over the years.

The design should address your present needs, but it should also address your future needs.

You need to create something that will grow with you. Flexibility can be created with the use of neutral colors. These colors will work with various designs that you might choose to create in the future.

Flexibility should also focus on the types of rooms and functions of the rooms as well.

Think Function Over Form When Designing Your Home!

Function over form is a great starting point when it comes to designing your home’s interior. Use these tips listed above to help get started designing a home that’ll provide you with all of the functions you need without sacrificing your style!

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