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How To Style Pastels And Pretty Sorbets

Dark colours may not be everybody’s cup of tea, we know! But that doesn’t mean you have to parade only one colour (white) around most of the time. So worry not, BFF, we gotcha covered! 

Say hello to pastels and sorbets. These are a great way to embrace colour without going overboard with it. With their bright but soft hues, sorbet colours define a trendy aesthetic. If you want mood board inspiration before you head shopping, consider ice cream, sorbet, and frozen popsicles – it will keep you cool and give you colour options to think of!

Strawberry pinks, peach, mint green, powder blue, berry maroon, or mango sorbet are instant mood lifters on a hot day, and when matched with colourful accessories, you can wear them to any event. 

Here’s our take on how you can work the pastels and sorbets trend for 2022 fashion.

Try Pastel On Pastel

Using pastels with pastels is a fantastic concept! It reflects fun and vivid vibe, and playing around with these shades will be interesting!

Get on the trend with these uber-trendy colour combos- cool and cheerful blue with baby yellow, stylish mint green with pale orange, and effervescent baby pink with lavender. Try Tops for women with Pastels and match them with a pair of bottomwear.

P.S. If you’re unsure about your colour combinations, stick to one colour for the clothing and another for the accessories to avoid an overload of sweetness!

Pair It With Neutrals

Who said neutrals have to be boring? Rock that mature chic boss babe vibe by pairing them with sorbets. If you’re unsure about pastels, start with a neutral shade and add the sorbet as a finishing touch in the form of fun pumps or accessories like a handbag. 

Bring Out The Prints

Who doesn’t love prints! Create a cocktail of sorbets and prints for a quirky vibe! You can opt for floral patterns in pastels or go geometric with the gingham print. 

Want to go edgier? Why not pick some trendy abstract tees in sorbet colours and match them with a pair of ripped shorts!

Find The Darker Counterpart Of Your Pastel Shade

No matter what, the darker shades always find a way into every outfit! To increase the intensity of the pastels, pair them with bottom wear in their darker counterparts. Think, a solid combination of baby pink and red – won’t it look so powerful and attractive! 

Or monochrome with different shades – forest green and mint green, dark blue, and powder blue are other beautiful combinations you could experiment with. Very Y2K innit?

Pair It With Denim

Denim is dope! A closet essential you just cannot do away with. The neutral blues of denim and the fabric will “muffle” the intensity of all the colours.

Darker denim, in particular, is a relaxing contrast to the pastels. But you can also opt for a lighter blue or white denim to create that perfect country evening vibe!

Pastel colours tend to be more calming than vivid colours. Pastels, from lemon to light pista green, have remained at the forefront of styling an understated chic look and based on their attractiveness, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

The colours’ flexibility is undoubtedly extensive, with possibilities for any time and setting, whether you desire a smooth refresh with a peach tone or something subtle like a light sorbet. Pastels make the perfect #OOTD for all seasons with various colour schemes. So get browsing for a berrylicious wardrobe with ONLY!