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5 Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Have

Men’s fashion is ever changing just like women’s. No matter how casually you like to clothe yourself, every man should have at least five different kinds of shoes for different events. It is believed that the first thing someone notices is your shoes, and your selection says a lot about your personality. 

Now that you have agreed to renew your wardrobe, you should go shoe shopping. Make sure you have at least one pair each from the categories discussed here. 


Every man should have at least one pair of tennis shoes or sneakers that he can wear comfortably for a boy’s night out or a casual Saturday afternoon. 

Sneakers are comfortable and the most casual pair of shoes you can have. Besides that, they are much more practical than you think. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, or chinos while looking like a fashionista. Nothing speaks of comfort more than a pair of sneakers. 


Boots are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a pair of leather boots or non safety work shoes. Comfortable Work Shoes – Hard Yakka Australia can be a great choice when you are looking for comfort with fashion. 

Boots are very practical as you can wear them for an adventurous trip to nature, or you can wear them at informal meetings with your colleagues and friends. 


When you are in a hurry and do not have time to sit down and tie the laces, loafers can be extremely helpful. These adult versions of slip-on shoes are practical, formal, and comfortable at the same time. Like loafers, slippers are also worth considering. To know more about their differences, you may check loafers vs slippers

You can wear a pair of loafers for your formal business meetings, your casual meetup with clients or friends, and if you want to run an errand. Loafers can go with any choice of clothing, whether it’s a formal three-piece suit or a casual pair of jeans and a T-shirt. 


Trainers are informal shoe options that you must have in your collection. You can easily slip on these shoes and go run an errand. When paired with jogger pants, trainers are the ultimate comfortable shoe option for your run at the mall. However, they are not for exercise only.

You can wear your trainers with your casual dress on a Saturday afternoon to join your friends at a golf course or a cafe. 


Oxfords are the ultimate formal shoe choice for all men around the world. This closed-lacing formal shoe is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. It goes great with a tuxedo, a double-breasted, or a single-breasted suit. You can wear them at cocktail parties, weddings, and other such formal and fancy events. 

Most men own a pair of oxfords in black. However, no doubt black looks elegant, a tan oxford can be a great choice for a casual date night or dining out at a fancy restaurant. 

Final Words

Shoes change the entire look of the outfit. Every man should pay attention to the kind of shoes he is wearing. Being the owner of different kinds of shoes gives you an edge to play with the outfits and create something formal out of the informal dress.