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Mood Boosters – 5 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Mood In Less Than An Hour

Though being in a good mood is its own reward you also benefit from a boost in productivity and an all-round easier time making connections and working towards your goals. A sagging mood, by contrast, can take you off track in more ways than one.

The good news is, even the heaviest of funks can be beaten into submission without a huge investment of time. From visiting your local teeth whitening clinic to mastering your mental processes, here are five unique ways you can boost your mood in less than an hour.

1. Revamp your smile

By now, you’ve probably heard about the incredible power a simple smile has to brighten your mood and add a little spark to the day of anyone who sees you. However, many people struggle with following this advice because they feel self-conscious about their teeth. While a smile can be achieved in less than a second, did you know confidence in your grin can be gained in less than an hour? Find a reputable dentist who specializes in teeth whitening, and you will be stunned at the transformation a single session will give you.

2. Watch stand-up comedy

Not every comedian will appeal to every person, but you are guaranteed to find many who tickle your funny bone. And watching an hour-long set or streaming shorter segments on YouTube can do wonders for your mood. Dry Bar Comedy is an excellent place to start as their app and YouTube channel specialize in clean comedy that appeals to everyone. From there, you can calibrate your comedic senses and find performers who resonate with your way of viewing the world.

3. Tell yourself the right stories

At every moment of the day, our thoughts are conspiring to construct stories that influence how we feel. The problem is, it can be easy to forget how much power you have over this process and instead allow your thoughts to run free and dictate your mood.

Say your flight is delayed, for example. You could allow your thoughts to tell you that this is annoying, you don’t want to be here, and you feel frustrated. Or, you could take charge and tell yourself this is an opportunity to stroll the airport and get some exercise before the long flight or treat yourself to an overpriced coffee. You control the story, and the story controls your mood.

4. Remind yourself of what you’re thankful for

If you struggle with the last suggestion, then gratitude is an excellent method for training yourself to take control of your story. All you need to do is mentally list all the things you’re thankful for. You’ll be surprised at how many come to mind once you start. Your list can be as personal as the people in your life who care about you and as general as an appreciation for warm sunshine on cold days or the fact that puppies exist.

5. The exercise + music power-combo

Enjoyed on their own, music and exercise have the power to boost your mood. When used in tandem, their effects are next-level. Be sure to search for new music and update your playlist regularly so that you’re always excited to listen to it. This will translate into an eagerness to exercise, and then the benefits of physical activity will compound, meaning your instant mood boost will grow each time you use it.

Next time you find yourself feeling flat, sad, or unmotivated, activate one (or all) of the simple methods above to give yourself the mood boost you need.