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Gift Your Wedding the Wow Factor: 10 Amazing Entertainment Ideas

Wow is the word we all want to hear on our wedding day. ‘Wow, you look great’, ‘Wow! The food is amazing’, ‘Wow! the venue is gorgeous’, ‘Wow! Where did you find the band?’

Wedding days are more than the vows, sure, that’s what your union means, that’s why you’re there. But the reason that you have chosen not to have a small wedding with a couple of witnesses is that you want to have the best day of your life! How do you do that? Let’s find out…

10. Get Your Guests Talking

Get Your Guests Talking

Don’t miss this trick on your big day. Breaking the ice with new family and friends will make you feel more relaxed as the day goes on. Seeing family from both sides getting on well will only serve to increase the size of your smile and reduce any stress you may feel. There are many options to get your guests meeting and greeting, rather than stuck awkwardly at a table unsure when to mingle. Croquet can be ideal as a laid-back option to keep guests entertained, while a balloon artist, magician or caricaturist can add a touch of fun to any occasion.

9. Something Different

We all want something unique for our wedding day, something you have not seen before or even better, something your guests may not have seen before. Booking acrobats, firebreathers, magicians, musicians, shadow theatre, steel drummers, Bhangra dancers, tribal dancers or Brazilian showbands might just provide the ultimate wow-factor for your wedding reception. There are plenty of alternative wedding entertainment ideas to keep your big day moving.

8. Fun Photos

Photo booths have become a mainstay at events in recent time and for good reason. Guests love to spend time posing with the people they love, and fun props always seem to be a hit. Whether you offer up a Polaroid and a backdrop for instant visual satisfaction or go further with a photo room – you won’t regret this addition. Just make sure you book a photographer too!

7. Bonfire

Growing in popularity, due in part to its simplicity, and in part due to its ability to bring people together. If you are having a winter wedding, it is a great way to share warmth and stories, and on a warm summer night, it is a wonderful focal point for a dance. People love getting out into the fresh air where they feel more relaxed and able to share stories all about you. This is a truly memorable addition to a wedding day.

6. A Tribute Act

We all have a favourite act whose songs we would like to feature on our wedding day. With a tribute act, you can enjoy the sound of your favourite act, as well as the physical likeness. With thousands of incredible tribute acts around the world, from The Beatles to Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga to ABBA, Queen to Adele – you can find your perfect match.

5. Cocktail Bar

Drinking is a popular pastime at wedding receptions and for some, it helps them to unwind and get to know new family and friends. A cocktail bar is a fun and unique way to get everybody in the mood for dancing. You can name the cocktails yourself, even name a few after your attendees to bring further laughs or you can allow guests to design their own. Alternatively, why not shock guests with a cocktail making maestro capable of shaking your drinks in all manner of innovative ways while stirring your guests into a frenzy.

4. Fairground Rides

Fairground rides have found themselves a fixture of wedding days on an ever-increasing basis in recent years. Whether you wish to involve classics like the coconut shy or hook-a-duck, or something more extravagant such as a Ferris Wheel – there is something magical about a fairground theme at a wedding.

3. A World-Class Wedding Band

Perhaps the most traditional of our wedding entertainment options, an amazing wedding band can bring some of the most memorable moments of your big day. Enjoy your favourite hits from your favourite original band or from a cover band playing songs that have summarised your time together. They are able to bring guests to the dance floor for a full-bodied party as well as deliver a special set featuring your first dance song.

2. Festival Style & Food Vans

Festival culture has begun to wind its way onto the wedding scene. Some wish to take their festival theme to the extreme with hay bales, an eclectic music bill, lanyards, wellies, tents and signposts all entering the fray at wedding receptions. Others simply prefer the prospect of food vans at their party. With an array of food choices available, you can choose homemade pizza vans, falafel vans, pancake vans, ice cream vans, curry vans, fish and chip vans. Honestly, there’s a van for everything.

1. Fireworks

Why not light up the sky with a dramatic firework display? Featuring as a landmark moment of your wedding night, a display allows you to collect your thoughts and spend an intimate moment, hand in hand with your new husband or wife. It also provides an intense and exciting crescendo to a magical day.