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The Diamond Feature Most Jewelers Don’t Discuss: Symmetry

Many want to get their stones from diamond jewelry Vancouver shops. Whether it’s for engagement rings, weddings bands, or fashion, diamonds always look good. This is why you should know the value of the diamond you’re getting. Find out the symmetry of the diamond you’d like to buy.

What is a diamond’s symmetry? How will the symmetry affect the diamond’s value? How does one grade the symmetry in diamonds?

Before you buy any stone, it’s important to note that diamond features vary. They are different in many aspects and symmetry is one of them. Learn more about symmetry below.

Symmetry and Why It’s an Important Diamond

Many have heard about the 4C’s but symmetry is also a vital factor in choosing a diamond. If you’re getting diamonds for custom engagement rings, you have to make the right choice. Knowing what symmetry is helps you pick out diamonds that have the best value.

A diamond’s symmetry is how aligned its facets are. Symmetry can decide whether a diamond has good interaction with light. It’s how you see how brilliant the diamond is. This is because it’s the light that bounces off the stone’s facets. It then angles it back through the surface and to your eyes.

What Are the Various Grades of Diamond Symmetry?

You can get diamonds for simple engagement rings and unique ones. But to find a good value diamond fit for your budget, you should look into its symmetry grade.

  • Excellent – These have very few deviations. There are no added or missing facets. The tables on the diamonds are well-centered.
  • Very Good – These have slight deviations. You can find small misalignments or facets that are out of shape.
  • Good – These have few deviations and can have missing facets. Pavilion angle variation may also affect the stone’s brilliance.
  • Poor – These have obvious deviations. It may also have an off-center table and looks dull. Out of shape facets, missing facets, and missing variations are also noticeable.

Should You Rely on the Symmetry Alone?

Although the symmetry of a diamond affects the look of the stone, it should not be your only option. There can be diamonds that have Good symmetry and are still valued more. This is because the symmetry also relies on the cut grade of the stone.

Always weigh your diamond by its symmetry, cut grade, and even polish. Have a primary determinant in choosing your diamond. Balance it with the 4Cs and with your budget. Then you’ll start to see which diamonds have better value than others.