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Make Your Wedding Day Extra Memorable

For both men and women, the day they tie the knot is the most momentous occasion of their lives. It is so unique that there is a whole industry devoted to making the day special. Everything counts, from the time the first of the entourage steps into view to the end of the reception.

The photographers and videographers can sure take care of capturing the memories for you. But it is your job to make sure that what they capture is genuinely unique, extraordinary, and memorable.

You could, of course, put your twist to the documentation with unique bridesmaid robes, among others.

Why the Robes?

Aside from the ceremony itself, wedding photographers and filmmakers put in a lot of time documenting the preparation process. The preparation sets the stage for the entire story of the wedding day. That is where they can capture the entourage getting ready to march down the aisle in all their beauty and glory, only to precede the star of the day—the bride.

Before bridesmaids are photographed in their full wedding outfits, they would be seen waiting their turn to get their hair and makeup done. The choice of clothing at this point are bridesmaid robes because these make it easier for the ladies to change into their dresses once their makeup is done.

You could make your wedding preparations unique by having the bridesmaids put on personalized robes for the photo opportunities. With each robe customized for every bridesmaid, you can make everyone shine in their photographs.

Choosing a Design for the Robes

The first order of business when selecting the ideal robes is the color, which should fit the theme or motif. It could be one that either matches the wedding theme or a hue that contrasts the theme perfectly.

Once you have selected the color, decide on what the design of the robes should be. That is where you use your sense of fashion to make a statement. Remember, what you want to do is for everyone to stand out in the pictures. You want people to look at the images and go, “Wow!”

Fortunately, there is a myriad of designs available for these robes. Go over the suppliers’ catalogs and find a design that best suits your definition of unique. The sky’s the limit in this case. You can go for anything as long as it works for the statement you are trying to make.

Be sure to take your time in this step. Remember that your wedding only comes once in your lifetime, and you would not want to ruin that extraordinary day. So, go through your choices carefully. Mix and match, if necessary. Let everything that you select make every captured memory count.

The Choice of Material

Last but not least is your choice of material for the robes. The material determines the amount of comfort your bridesmaids feel while wearing the robe. Since posing for photographs needs some trial and error, nobody should feel uncomfortable in their bridesmaid robes.

If any of your bridesmaids feel uncomfortable, it will show in the pictures. You do not want grumpy faces to ruin special moments captured in photos.

According to Vents Magazine, two of the fabrics you should be looking at are silk and satin. These two fabrics are soft and very breathable, and also look great on camera.

Remember that your choice of robes for your bridesmaids is as significant as choosing the right ring for your wedding band. Bear these suggestions in mind, and you can find that perfect robe for your bridesmaids in no time.