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Try Laser Hair Removal in the Comfort of Your Home

If you are sick of the pitfalls of shaving, waxing and tweezing, you could go with alternative hair removal methods. Laser hair removal stays for a long time. It is not permanent but gives you flawless skin for weeks. Laser hair removal operates with high-heat laser beams or (IPLs) that disintegrate hair and distract hair follicles. So that the follicles will not be able to bring new hair for approximately a few weeks.

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic surgery which carries out by professionals. As it is an expensive procedure and everyone cannot afford it. So in order to make it easy at-home laser hair removal technique is launched.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal

At home, laser hair removal is a relatively low-cost treatment. It is the safest method in which you have a modest, scaled-down handheld device. It is very simple to use. It contains safety switches and features that make it useable for the general public to operate. After the treatment, you are not free from hair forever. You cannot stop dormant hair follicles from triggering after months or years.

The home laser device is always on hand to zip these new hairs. if you are investing in an at-home hair removal machine, make absolutely sure that it is approved by the FDA. Laser hair removal tool is safe for home use if used properly. To achieve the best results follow the directions which are given below

  • At-home laser devices generate heat if it is not properly used it can also burn the skin.
  • Try to reduce exposure to the sun four weeks before and two weeks after for extra care after the procedure of an at-home hair removal device.

Safely Laser hair removal at home

There are two types of at-home hair removal devices. One is called a true laser and the other uses intense pulsed light. Both types are helpful in removing hair but these devices are less powerful than the lasers used in the dermatologist’s clinic. It is obvious that less power also means less efficiency. At-home devices don’t work as efficiently as pro lasers.

At-home devices are not complex enough as in clinics, so they are not necessarily safe for darker skin tones. The risk of burning is always the top risk that you should always be aware of. But fortunately, if you have good skin color and right hair the laser hair removal is good to go. Don’t apply them to sensitive parts

  • Don’t use them near your eyes
  • Use it with extra care on the upper lips
  • Don’t use it over pigmented areas even not on moles
  • Avoid areas of tattoos
  • Don’t apply it to the genital area

At-home Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Once you have decided on a home laser hair removal device following are the steps to get the most out of it:

  1. Check your hair color and skin tone
  2. Must do a patch test
  3. Don’t use thread or wax
  4. Prepare your skin before starting
  5. Take your time
  6. A little discomfort may occur which can be overcome with a little first aid
  7. Take good care after the procedure


Laser hair removal at home devices are reasonably secure and become a great alternative to professional laser hair removal therapies. Since these devices have been proven to be effective, they are particularly well suited to a very narrow human window and do not accommodate specific skin tones and hair colors. But at the same time for larger parts of the body like legs and bikini lines, we completely recommend a professional appointment, because it requires a lot of skill to get the proper treatment and successful results.