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5 Essential Home Décor Tips You Should Know

If you’re looking to update your home décor, there’s a few tips you’ll want to follow to ensure you get it right.

While ultimately, how you decorate the home will depend largely upon your personal preferences, there’s a few general tips you should always follow. To help, below you’ll discover 5 essential home décor tips you should know before getting started.

1. Make use of natural lighting

Make use of natural lighting
One thing you’ll want to do in every room of the home, is maximise its natural lighting. This is especially true in the kitchen and the bathroom. If the room is quite dark because there’s only a small window, avoid painting the walls white. This can cause the room to appear even smaller, so it’s best to stick to a pale colour scheme which features cool hues such as blue or lilac.

Adding blinds is another great idea as they help to maximise the light during the day but provide privacy at night. Roller blinds are especially popular for the kitchen and bathroom and you can pick them up from companies such as Direct Blinds.

2. Choose the right colour scheme

Choose the right colour scheme
While it’s perfectly fine to paint different rooms a slightly different colour, you’ll want to avoid drastic colour changes. This is because it will throw off the overall theme of the home, creating a more disorganised and unappealing design. So, always choose an overall colour scheme and then vary it slightly between rooms.

3. Take advantage of mirrors

Take advantage of mirrors
Mirrors aren’t just functional – they can also be used to make smaller spaces appear larger, as well as maximise natural light. By placing the right size mirrors in exactly the right place, you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make to the aesthetics of a room.

4. Scale any artwork

Scale any artwork
Artwork can turn a house into a home, but there’s a surprising amount of ways you can get it wrong. One of the key things to remember when hanging pictures on the walls, is to scale them. Measure the space so you know you’re not fitting a picture that’s too large or small for the space.

5. Start from the ground up

Start from the ground up
Lastly, it’s common to not know where to start when it comes to updating your home décor. So, as a general rule, it’s best to start from the ground up. So, start with the flooring, then work your way up to the furniture, the walls and finally, the ceiling. Do this in each and every room you want to decorate.

These are just 5 great tips you’ll want to follow when decorating the home. If you’re struggling for ideas, don’t forget you can find a lot of inspiration online. The key is to add your own unique personality into the home while following a few general guidelines such as the ones above.