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Some Great Applications of Offset Printing Technology

Offset printing technology is trending nowadays in almost every country. Especially in the USA, this technology is growing with the passage of time. Although the concept of offset printing technology is old but with the passage of time many changes have been made in it and today we have the latest machinery for performing different tasks. Today we will discuss in the detail about the different applications of offset printing technology that will amaze you. So, let’s start with basics to advance.

Some basic information about offset printing technology

As the name implies, it’s a printing technology that is used to print any kind of complex artwork on different objects. For example, you can use it for printing on tins or cardboards. Basically, it’s a two-step process and in the first step, your artwork is transferred on a rubber blanket. While in the second step, this image is transferred to your desired printable object. It is also known as offset lithography. Like any other technology it has its own pros and cons that we will discuss in the next part of the article.


  • Works best for printing huge quantities as its price keeps on reducing, while you increase the quantities. So, it is the best option for large businesses that have good order quantities. Some reputed companies like are using it for custom packaging needs of small businesses too
  • As compared to the other technologies, its printing results are amazing and long-lasting
  • Variety and number of options are great as compared to their counterparts. For example, Pantone and metallic inks have made it very versatile for exceptional printing
  • Works best for custom packaging and printing needs as it can be used on multiple cards including bleach cards, Kraft cards, corrugated, and much more.


  • Its initial setup is expensive, that’s why it is not recommended for the samples or low order quantities
  • It’s not a considerable option if you are going to have variable data printing
  • A large number of chemical is used in the whole process
  • Any editing in the artwork can be very costly and time taking too

Some Common Applications of Offset Printing Technology in Our Daily Life Routine:

As we use multiple products on the daily basis and all of them require some packaging material for them. For example when you wake up, you look for breakfast after some time. If you are going to eat cereals in your breakfast, they are also packed in some kind of customized boxes. Basically, they are packed in custom printed boxes with some important text written on the box. This is basically the information that the cereal manufacturing company wants to provide you before you are going to eat them. So, custom packaging and printing is one of the famous application of offset printing technology. Millions of boxes are printed on a daily basis with the help of offset printing technology.

We wear a different kinds of clothes and garments on a daily basis and most of them are printed too. For example, custom printed t-shirts are also trending nowadays. Basically, they are customized t-shirts with custom printing on them. Any kind of complex artwork can be printed on them with the help of offset printing technology. Secondly, in the winter season, trending of using leather jackets is on boom too. Most people like to use custom printed leather jackets for their needs. So, leather jackets can be printed via offset or screen printing technology.

There are many other applications of offset printing technology like brochure printing, gift boxes, and much more. I know that it is complex to cover all information in a single post. But, we have tried to cover all the major chunks. I hope that this guide will clear your misconceptions about offset printing technology now.