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Top 5 Boxing Gyms in the Ipswich Area

Are you looking for an Ipswich gym that teaches boxing? Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, increase strength and endurance, even improve your cardiovascular fitness, boxing can do all this and more. Finding the right type of gym however, isn’t always easy, because it needs to match your goals and be in the right location with classes that fit in with your schedule.

Some fitness gyms teach boxing as one of their classes, but there are also gyms that exclusively teach competitive boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ and MMA. Essentially these latter types of gyms are dedicated to martial arts and boxing, rather than to fitness alone, although you will definitely become fit if you learn boxing! So if you have been searching for an Ipswich gym that teaches boxing, here are five of the best in the area.

1. Corporate Box Gym

Run by Head trainer Kurtis Pegoraro (current WBC and WKBF Muay Thai Champion), the Corporate Box Gym has an exclusive and limited membership. It’s open 24/7 and is the largest boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, BJJ and MMA gym in Australia with the biggest number of active fighters. If you want to learn competitive boxing, you will definitely benefit from the massive experience shared by the Corporate Box trainers, all of whom are active fighters in the ring. With pro-fighters and pro-trainers in attendance every day, Corporate Box Gym offers a distinct advantage over other boxing gyms by offering authentic training by real fighters and trainers. Located in Bundamba, membership is open to all.

2. Warrior Boxing

If you want to focus just on boxing, rather than including martial arts into your training regime, then Warrior Boxing ticks all the boxes. This Ipswich gym is located in Springfield and run by Head Coach and ex-fighter Johnny Black. Fighting for St Pauls Boxing Academy in Hull, England, Johnny emigrated to Australia and started his own boxing gym in 2012. The focus in this gym is on competitive fighting, so if this is your goal, then Warrior Boxing might be the right fit.

3. Fight Wright Boxing

Fight Wright Boxing is an Ipswich gym that focuses on both boxing and fitness. Run by Trevor Wright who has trained Olympic and Commonwealth Games representatives, as well as many champions, he is a highly experienced boxer who was initially trained by Alan Scaife in NZ. Fight Wright Boxing is located in Carole Park, but expect to put everything you’ve got into your training as it’s intense!

4. Heart-Out Muay Thai Boxing gym

Focussing on Muay Thai Boxing and located in the heart of Ipswich, this gym is only open during the evenings on weekdays, between 5pm and 8pm. You can also book one-on-one personal training sessions outside of these hours, if you don’t feel comfortable in a group setting. They also offer fight camps for members who want to train further and fight competitively.

5. Body Switch

If you prefer a more fitness based boxing class, then Body Switch is your best option. Offering a multitude of different fitness classes and personal training, all designed to increase strength and endurance, Body switch is a semi-private Ipswich gym that appeals to a more general crowd, definitely not focused on fighting skills.