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How Can Brand Color Impact the Performance of Your Website?

A website should be created efficiently. There are various factors that decide the performance of the website. One of the major factors is brand color. You might not have any idea what all things could be revealed about your website by the colors used in brands. 

Color psychology plays a major role in assisting the correct emotions and making the business familiar by building trust. Each person has a different perspective and they tend to make up their impact regarding the brand colors based on their personal preferences. 

In this article, we will see how brand color can impact a website’s performance. 

Importance of colors in the brand

You must create an amazing website that not only has good content and keywords in it, but also use appropriate colors in it. If you are facing any difficulties in doing it on your own, then you should probably choose a website building platform. A website creator could provide you different color options you could easily choose for your website.

Colors have great power and can easily provoke the desired reactions. The most outstanding colors can also increase brand recognition. Being an audience we too feel some messages that are conveyed through the brand colors. Therefore, while creating a website, we must emphasize the types of colors to use for giving a good message to our custom audience. 

Research has shown that about 80% of customers take the decision based on colors. Hence, it is quite clear that the right colors are very important to increase sales and also the brand association. You must also keep in mind to integrate the brand’s color with the product, logo, landing pages, and other collateral. 

How does the audience react to brand colors?

While creating a website, people tend to be confused about how to choose brand colors. There are mainly two categories of colors: cool colors and warm colors. Cool colors are those colors that give a feeling of security and calmness. Whereas warm colors are those colors that give a feeling of warmth and fire. Below is a list of colors that simplify their meaning and the messages they convey. 


The color is mostly preferred by topmost brands. A brand that wants to give the feeling of confidence, security, and trust should choose blue colour.


This color indicates passion and is mainly associated with excitement and energy. Red color can easily grab the attention of people. 


This color gives a feeling of safety, calmness, and freshness, serenity, and peace. A website could have multiple shades of green. 


These are the most used colors on the websites. It ensures cleanliness, purity, and simplicity. The white color gives a feeling of trust.


While creating the brand identity, you must understand the importance of the Psychology of colors. Your right color choice on the website can either make it rank higher and the wrong choice of colors could also degrade its rankings. 

You must choose the right set of colors that convey the right message by highlighting the strength of the brand.  

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