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5 Best Neighborhoods in Toronto for Families

If you are searching for the best neighborhoods in Toronto for families, look no further. Toronto has many incredible family-friendly areas considered safe. However, choosing the right place to call home can be quite a complicated task.

Many families prefer staying in neighborhoods filled with family-friendly amenities such as schools, entertainment centers, swimming pools, and parks. The good news is that each Toronto neighborhood has unique features suitable for every type of family.

Best Neighborhoods in Toronto to Live with Your Family

If you are planning to move to Toronto with your spouse and school-going kids, here are the best neighborhoods in Toronto with numerous amenities suitable for young families.

1. The Beaches

The Beaches is the best neighborhood for families who would love to experience outdoor activities. It has many parks and trails where your kids can bike walk. Also, The Beaches’ tree-lined streets in residential estates provide an incredible setup for families.

What makes The Beaches unique is its proximity to the sandy beaches and a spectacular view of Lake Ontario. You can go for picnics by the waterfront to play water games, build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, and buy ice cream.

The Beaches records the lowest crime rates, making it one of the safest neighborhoods in Toronto. It also has top-notch schools, such as Glen Ames Senior Public School and St. Denis Catholic. The average house price in The Beaches is $1.2 million.

2. Roncesvalles

Roncesvalles is a popular destination for many families who wish to stay near Toronto downtown. When you take a walk along Roncesvalles streets, you’ll see many people strolling their kids carrying ice cream cones in their hands.

When you love outdoor activities, Roncesvalles would be the best place to live with your family. Sorauren Park, located near the neighborhood, has baseball and tennis courts for games. You can also go for picnics at the famous High Park.

Roncesvalles also has many amenities that can fulfill your lifestyle needs, including the old Revenue Cinema. You’ll also find several shops, restaurants, and top-rated schools in this neighborhood. The average house price in Roncesvalles is $1.5 million.

3. Riverdale

Riverdale is another family-friendly neighborhood with extremely desirable amenities. It is home to several parks that offer a vast range of outdoor activities. Parks like Jimmie Simpson Park and Riverdale Park have tennis courts and wading pools ideal for kids.

Riverdale’s proximity to Toronto downtown renders it a perfect neighborhood for residents working in the city. Its vast green spaces and Victorian-styled homes also attract many people from various parts of Toronto.

When searching for a neighborhood with top-rated schools, you should live in Riverdale. Some of its best schools are Withrow Avenue Junior Public School and Pape Avenue Junior Public School. The average price of a detached home in Riverdale is $1.3 million.

4. Bloordale Village

Tucked in around Bloor between Wallace-Emmerson and Brockton Village, Bloordale Village boasts many family-friendly amenities ideal for young families. You’ll find many shopping centers, stores, and malls, like Dufferin Mall, which has a big Walmart.

The good news is that Bloordale Village is easily accessible from Toronto downtown. You can quickly travel to other parts of the city using the subway stations located in Lansdowne and Dufferin.

Bloordale Village also boasts highly-ranked schools, including St. Sebastian Catholic School, Dewson Junior Public School, and Bloor Collegiate Institute. The average price of a detached house is $1.25 million, while rental homes cost around $2,745 per month.

5. Milliken

Located in North Scarborough, Milliken has some of the most affordable homes suitable for families. The average price of a detached house in this neighborhood is $861,000, while that of a condo is $384,500. However, Milken is a bit far from downtown.

Despite being far from Toronto downtown, Milken has a vast range of family-friendly amenities, including restaurants with Asian cuisines. Not to mention, the neighborhood has top-performing schools that guarantee high-quality education for residents.

Final Words

Now that you know some of the best neighborhoods in Toronto for families, you need to rent or purchase a home that meets your family needs and lifestyle. Located in one of the safest communities in Toronto, Ballymore homes in Killarney Beach are an excellent example of family-friendly houses that guarantee safety.