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6 Ways to Have Fun With Your Old Memories (Photos)

Photos are what inspired the word picturesque to describe the prettiest of things and places in the world. Each photo has a story behind it. There is always a moment, always a memory for keepsake. These are the memories that survive the test of time, give you the zeal to get through bad days and remind you about the good old days. A travel trip, your sister’s wedding, your kid growing up, last day of college and so much more.

So why you keep all of it locked in an album or an envelope inside a cupboard? Especially when it is so simple to have them all around you, making you smile throughout the day! Here are a few ways by which you could make it fun, bring your old memories to life and use your old photos in the best way possible –
Change how walls look

Use pictures to fill up your empty walls or corners. You could use clothespins and string to make wall hangings or use tape to hang pictures on fairy lights. Moreover, you could have a wooden world map cut out and have your travel pictures spread across to cover the entire wall segment. You could also have your own journey on your walls, a year based route build with photos and arrow stickers.

Print, print, and print

Why leave pictures just on the walls or your computer or in your bag? With modern technology coming up with new things every day, you can have your own photo personalized collection. Print your photos on shoes, t-shirts or even jackets and wear them with pride. You could always opt for photos on coffee mugs, backpacks, bottles or as a piece of jewelry. Nothing can stop you from keeping them close to you at all times. When I went to a Singapore, I looked for the service of photo printing in Singapore. I got some of my best pictures printed and used them to relive my memories. You can do the same.

Vacation jars

Vacation jars are a new and trendy idea for those who don’t want to put in a lot of effort. Say you go on a beach trip, collect some sand from there, pebbles and shells along with your gazillion photos collection. Use small glass jars and fill them with each item and a couple of pictures with a small light to have your own vacation jar on a bookshelf or bedside table. Or Camping trips mean some wood, pine needles, and stones. You would always find the small things catching your eye and you’ll know what you need for your vacation jars.

Create a website

If you’re into blogging or a daily user of the internet, you can always convert your photos into your own online database. Have a fun and light website with sections, post pictures once in a while, share your experiences and talk to people who share similar interests. Say you’re a mother, you could post weekly pictures of your child’s achievements, your own struggles and help out every other mother out there. Make it your own happy place. Check out this step by step guide to create a basic photo website.

Make a memoir

Your memories are what define you, they’re the things that make you who you are. So use your old photos, some glue, colors and make your own journal. Your journal with your own collection of photos. Have a date, stick a picture, write a few words and turn the page. You can always have a few drawings or caricatures, photo collages or a separate special highlight section. Moreover, make it a part of your bookshelf or carry it around with you wherever you go.

Make your home beautiful

Along with walls, you can go for other decor options like using your photos to light up the house. Turn it into a place that you would call home. Have photo frames on tables and use your pictures as background on clocks or table coverings. You could also get them printed on plates as a decor option in your kitchen. There is always the option of having a special blanket for your child with a photo collage and a pillow cover for you to smile before you go to sleep.

Use these simple, creative and yet easy ways to have your photos bring your old memories back in the game. Trust me, this not only makes you feel better after a long day at work but also breathes a warm fresh air filled with love into your life.