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5 Face and Body Tweakment Trends in 2021

Modern-day men and women are becoming more open to changes in their faces and bodies, paving the way for the cosmetic industry to boom. In fact, a new era of beauty has dawned in this sector where invasive procedures are no longer the only option to enhance one’s looks.

When friends ask each other, “Did you have any ‘work’ done?” this 2021, they no longer mean surgical intervention. Instead, they are talking about little “tweakments” that entail minimal modifications to improve a person’s overall appearance.

Here, you will learn what “tweakments” are and the five trendiest procedures you should consider this 2021, from something as simple as beauty services offered at salons to more comprehensive face- and body-changing procedures.

What are tweakments?

“Tweakment” is a relatively new term introduced during the late 2010s describing non-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures. It was also recommended as a new word to include in the Collins Dictionary in 2019, although approval is still pending as of this writing.

But while it has yet to become part of the official English lexicon, tweakment is a term that’s already becoming widely used in the beauty industry.

Essentially, tweakments are cosmetic procedures that don’t require surgery. These aesthetic solutions work to achieve certain results, such as:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle and fine line softening
  • Irregular pigmentation correction
  • Skin tightening 

Some of these also work to add volume and adjust the proportions of the facial features for a more youthful look using non-invasive medical aesthetic equipment.

Most procedures categorized under this area of  aesthetics are temporary and are not considered cosmetic surgery. In most cases, they involve the use of injectables, chemical and laser peels, and other non-invasive procedures, but they don’t require the use of general anesthesia and scalpels.

Tweakments are actually short-cut solutions to aesthetic concerns, as they come with less cost and no scars and downtime. 

In fact, some studies reveal that these could very well end the era of the facelift, with the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAPPS) showing that cosmetic operations dropped 40 percent in 2019. The study also revealed a staggering 53 percent decline in neck and facelifts and 38 percent for eyelid surgery compared to 2015.

Top 5 Face and Body Tweakment Trends in 2021

In a few short years, the number of available tweakments has grown to the point that a single flaw can be solved using several different methods.

Have stained teeth? Pick between laser teeth whitening and dental veneers. Feeling like your age is showing in those fine lines? There are a ton of solutions for that as well.

But out of dozens of potential aesthetic solutions, these five face and body tweaks are more likely to be favored by both the masses and beauty professionals this 2021:

1. Full-face fillers

Although there are still clinics that offer treatments priced “per area,” many are already beginning their forward march to a more holistic approach to facial tweakments.

According to one clinician, this is a long time coming, as dealing with specific areas like the cheeks or lips individually can leave a person looking abnormal. It can also lead to a knock-on effect on other areas of the face, which is why new-age cosmetic experts are now conducting holistic anatomical assessments to deliver a more natural look for their clients.

2. Eye-opening tweaks

According to beauty experts, 2021 is expected to remain an eye-opener, but not in the way you might think.

There’s no telling how long protective masks will remain a part of people’s ensemble due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, beauty gurus and medical experts are foreseeing a higher demand for eye-optimizing procedures that make natural-looking results more permanent.

Take upper eyelid blepharoplasty for example. Some clinics are combining it with non-surgical enhancements like under eye and lateral cheekbone fillers that help brighten the general area surrounding the eyes.

Optimizing how the eyes appear can make people look less stressed and better rested. So even though once-a-year eye tweakments may seem a bit high maintenance, it can actually lead to a low maintenance look all-year-round.

According to one expert, this is all about being able to ditch strobing eye makeup and undereye concealers that will smudge and get all over the masks people need to wear everyday.

3. Lip couture

Although there has been an unprecedented increase in focus on eye aesthetics, it doesn’t mean the lips will no longer be important. In fact, a hyaluronic acid-based lip filler has been released in 2019 as cosmetologists predict a continued demand for a non-surgical pout.

More people are willing to pay a bit more for perfect, couture, and natural-looking lips. But popular as these may be, lip treatments are not quite as simple as this part of the body is composed of several different parts that need close inspection before being altered.

For this reason, lip augmentation should be customized to the person the same way a wedding dress needs to be fitted to its wearer to achieve that unique flair.

4. Liposculpting

Because people suddenly have time on their hands, self-care has become even more popular. This also paved the way for higher demand on body sculpting procedures.

One cosmetic practitioner even recorded a whopping 75 percent increase in demand for their signature liposculpting procedure that uses fat-melting and skin-tightening technologies together to help people achieve the figure they are after.

5. Broader smiles

Speaking to Glamour Magazine, Invisalign Ambassador and Perfect SmileAward Winning Dentist Dr. Rhona Eskander explained that broader smiles would be in this 2021. She even identified a magic number of upper teeth that should be showing when a person smiles to achieve full buccal corridors: eight.

The full buccal corridors support the soft tissues of the cheeks and lips. Aging increases the length between the nose and the lips. By broadening the smile, the buccal corridor enhances the support for the lips and makes it look more youthful.

Cosmetic dentists create the illusion of full buccal corridors with no space between the corner of the lips and teeth by applying minimal prep veneers or cosmetic bonding to the back teeth, filling the entire space.

Tweak Your Looks

Changing one’s appearance no longer requires expensive – not to mention intrusive – surgery. 

With minor tweakments, people can now achieve the look they want with faster and longer-lasting results.


Elias Chabtini is the Founder and CEO of Medica Group, a leader in providing complete beauty solutions for medical aesthetic clinics, dentists and beauty aesthetic centers, setting high standards and providing high-quality products. Chabtini is renowned for his international leadership and expertise in non-invasive cosmetic surgery, and his 20 years of experience and consumer-centered practices have placed him as one of the 100 Inspiring Leaders in the Middle East by