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Seven Tips to Help You Buy the Very Best Home Furniture

If you need new furniture for your home, it’s best to determine what type you want first, especially when it comes to the quality of the pieces. Whether you want a bed, dresser, or even a chest of drawers, there are ways to make sure you get the right piece for the right room every time. This feat involves looking at more than just the beauty of the pieces, and below are a few tips that will help.

  1. Look at What the Pieces are Made Of

Items such as end tables and dining room tables can be made out of a lot of different materials, including veneer, particleboard, wood, and even acrylic. For the pieces that will last the longest, you should choose real wood that is solid all the way through. Never get pieces that are covered in wood or made out of anything except solid wood, preferably pine, oak, or cedar.

  1. Pay Attention to the Seams

For upholstery items made partly of wood, you should check to make sure the seams line up evenly throughout the piece. Furniture that is made out of wood can be made out of different types of wood, but when the seams are lined up, it signals not only much better workmanship but also that the entire piece is made out of top-notch materials, including both the wooden parts and the upholstery parts.

  1. Pay Attention to How the Piece Is Put Together

How the pieces are put together is more important than you think. The bottom line is that pieces made with nails and glue aren’t nearly as sturdy and strong as pieces made out of screws and dowels. In some instances, you’ll have to pay a little more for this type of piece, but it will be well worth it in the end, especially if you want to keep it for a very long time.

  1. Check the Quality of the Coils

If you’re purchasing a bed, you’ll want to check the quality of the coils by seeing how close together they are. For the best comfort, you’ll want a bed that has coils that are very close together because this will give you more overall support as you sleep. When the coils aren’t close together, you’ll have gaps in your support, which causes you to be a bit uncomfortable.

  1. Look for Vintage or Antique Pieces

Vintage or antique pieces of furniture are usually the best types because, let’s face it, they haven’t lasted this long by accident. Even better, you can often get these pieces at second-hand stores and even at garage sales, which means they’ll cost you a lot less than brand-new ones do. In some instances, you can even negotiate with the sellers to get an even better price for the piece.

  1. Do Your Due Diligence

Whether you’re hoping to find a coffee table, nightstand, or dresser, you have to research the pieces first. There are tons of online stores to choose from, but if you take your time, you’ll also have time to research the pieces you’ve looked at to make sure they are the best ones for your home. The more you get to know what you’re looking for, the more likely it will be perfect for you.

  1. Choose a Good Time to Buy

Ordinarily, the best time to buy living room furniture sets is either January or July. This is because February and August are the months when most stores get new pieces in, which means they’re anxious to sell their inventory before they get the new pieces in their stores. Whether the store is large or small, they’ll be more likely to offer discounts on their pieces when you shop in January or July.