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A Quick Guide to Finding a Good Foundation Repair Company in Edmonton

The repairing of foundations in your home can be a tricky task, especially if you aren’t sure how to find the right people to help you. Very few people can manage these kinds of tasks without the help of seasoned professionals, and that’s why you need to make sure you find the right companies when you need a job done. But what should you look for in a foundation repairs company in Edmonton, and where do you find them? Here’s our quick guide which will hopefully provide the answers to both of these questions.

Examples of foundation problems can include cracked, crumbling or compromised foundations, sagging floors and warped ceilings, soil shifting, and improperly fitting doors and windows. These kinds of issues can develop into very long-term problems, especially if you don’t try to find long term solutions and instead look for a short term fix. That’s why you should try to find a good repairs company; they’ll make sure you won’t experience the same kinds of problems in the future.

When you’re looking to find a good foundation repairs company, it’s probably best to look online for recommendations. Most companies will have websites, and you’ll be able to check them out for reviews. Good reviews tend to mean a company is reliable and effective in their work, so looking at these will give you a good indication of the credibility of the company. Look at how the website is structured as well- if it’s well put together and has a professional look to it, this will normally mean the company itself is the same. Try to avoid companies with shabby looking websites unless you have a good reason not to. You could also ask any friends or family who have had repairs work done for any recommendations.

You should also pay close attention to customer service when researching companies. You can tell a lot from a company from the very first phone call; were they courteous and did they seem like they really want to help you out? If so, there’s a good chance they will be a good choice for fixing up your home.

One company in Edmonton which is usually highly recommended are Ramco Foundation Repairs. Providing services in both Alberta and Saskatchewan, their website can be found at

They will come to your home and actually provide estimates for how much they think it will cost to fix your home’s foundations, giving you a rough idea immediately of how much it’ll set you back. They only use independent 3rd party engineers, and say on their website they are not only bound by methodology or process when fixing up your place. They are able to work on crack repairs, leaks, windows and structural repairs, giving you a great deal of choice and flexibility when it comes to what you need fixed in your home. They are definitely one of the businesses you should look into when searching for a good repairs company.