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Asphalt Roofs: Traditional And Robust

Many solutions exist for roof covering for the garden shed. The most common are so-called asphalted roofs because they consist partly of bitumen to ensure and waterproof the shelter.

The roofing

The roofing? They are felt strips. Often included in the purchase of the garden shed, it is the most frequently used and least expensive material. It comes in the form of rolls or strips of relatively thin waterproof coating.

How to put it? If you don’t have any idea about it you can hire expert from Cherry and Clark Roofing.  The proper technique is to nail the strips on the roof of the garden shed. It’s pretty simple, you can even do it alone! These are indeed flexible and easy to implement. Simply place the strips next to each other so that they overlap slightly, to guarantee the roof a maximum seal.

Tumble felt is a quick and easy solution to put … but watch out for resistance if you live in an area that is suitable for rain and wind. The roofing is indeed less resistant than other materials. Over time, poorly sealed roofs become wet, can warp and rot. If this affects the structure of the shelter, then it will be necessary to renovate everything.

What to remember: The price is largely affordable and ease of use, but beware of tightness!

The shingle, imitation of the slate

The shingle allows you to obtain a roof carrying small bitumen plates (close to slate or tile). It is at the same time very malleable, supple and light (practical for sloping roofs).

This material has a thickness twice as large as the roofing: it is therefore much more resistant in bad weather. You can also play the originality with a wide range from gray to red, through yellow or green. The shingle is applied by stapling or nailing it directly to chipboard panels covered with waterproof felt fabric.

What to remember: an attractive price and very good weather resistance. For those who like to distinguish themselves, the wide range of colors is also an advantage.

Onduvilla plates, lighter tiles

This material is close to the appearance of tiles while being much lighter. If you like tile roofs, this solution can be a good alternative! Indeed, the latter is not recommended for shelters garden too thin, can withstand the burden. So opt for Onduvilla plates instead.

These plates will bring you strength and durability. They are available in red or black and bring to your roof a beautiful finish and a perfect seal. In addition, the implementation is particularly simple and fast.

What to remember: the perfect solution to replace the tile. An easy pose and durable material.

EPDM, for flat roofs

If you have a garden shed with a flat roof, the EPDM will be the perfect cover. EPDM? It is the acronym of ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (not easy to place in dinner, but now you know it). More concretely, they are synthetic rubber membranes.

Both waterproof and highly resistant to air and cold, EPDM is a material that will not move and promises a very long life, up to 40 or 50 years. It is easy to install and maintain but only exists in one color: black.

What to remember: ease of installation, perfectly suited to flat roofs and especially optimal longevity.

Other alternatives: transparent panels, tiles, metal …

If you want your garden shed not really like a garden shed, choose a roof that is out of the ordinary. Depending on how you use it, you do not have to turn to the traditional asphalt pavement. For example, if you plan to use your shelter as a summer living room or small outbuilding at the bottom of the garden, your roof could change everything.

Transparent panels to let in light

For nature lovers who want to garden at the shelter and use their garden shed as a greenhouse, nothing better than transparent panels for roofing. Made of PVC or polycarbonate, they allow you to enjoy the light and even heat in summer.

These roofs are not necessarily proposed with shelters in the kit, but you will always be able to obtain some if you decide to realize your shelter yourself. Be careful, your panels will require regular maintenance with a jet of water and soap to maintain their transparency.

Genuine tiles for an authentic shelter

Tiles are not recommended for shelters kit: they are indeed too heavy. On the other hand, if your shelter benefits from a sufficiently solid structure (do not hesitate to call on a professional who will know how to judge), you will be able to allow you to pose some tiles.

Their main asset: they bring an authentic side thanks to their aspect and their color. Your garden shed will look like a real little house!

Metal for extra shelter

Some garden sheds are built entirely of metal. They are perfect for storing equipment or creating a small workshop, but relatively unadvised if your intention is to build an outbuilding or a small extra room. Too hot in summer, too cold in winter!

Metal roofs in the form of imitation tiles or corrugated iron are very light. Disadvantage? The deafening noise when you are inside and it starts to rain.

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