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Top 6 Plumbing Tricks Everyone Need To Know

Are you fed up with your clogged water system and dripping water taps? Before you move into a new home, you must make sure that the drainage system is perfectly alright to eliminate future chaos due to plumbing.

However, a crisis can always knock your drainage pipes.

You must know how to fix some common plumbing issues at your home. If you want plumbing services at affordable charges, then do check out the boulder plumber for amazing services. Here are the top 6 plumbing techniques that everyone needs to know.

1. Take off the clog without chemicals:

You do not need to buy an expensive drain cleaner if it gets clogged. You can just use a drain snake to unclog the drainage by just inserting the drain snake into the drain and pulling it out with the clog culprit. Or hopefully, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the clog.

2. Do not flush the garbage:

You are not supposed to flush the garbage or something which will not soften with water. Papers, tissues are fine, but other things can simply seize up your toilet seat for sure.

You must not use your toilet as trash cans. Flushing garbage in toilets can lead to nasty clogs which cannot be fixed with DIYs and might burn a hole in your pocket.

3. Shut off valve:

A shut off valve is always a better option to go with. It doesn’t matter where you are working to fix your plumbing. You can close the valve to stop the water supply of any particular section of your home.

It might apparently seem to be an unnecessary step, but it really adds convenience at the time of repair and maintenance. Therefore, if you are repairing your kitchen’s water system, someone can still use the bathroom shower.

4. A thread tape instead of thread sealing products:

The thread sealing compounds available in the market, also known as pipe dope are very sticky and unhygienic, and at the same time, they tend to drip easily. For all the DIY plumbing projects, you previously decided to you pipe threads; thread tape will work best for you.

Thread tapes are more hygienic and easier to use as compared to the pipe threads. In the case of threads, you need to use a sealing compound with the thread, and it all gets messy and chaotic. Whereas, with the tape threads you just need to stick the tape on, and you are done.

You can get the multipurpose thread tap which is generally white in color. There are various other thick tapes available in the market. You can get one of those thick ones for easier handling.

5. Avoid leakages to save your bank balance:

Sometimes, you might get a shock to see a sudden hike in your water bill. Each drop that drips takes your money in the drain. Do not blame the usage tracker for it. It is the fault of your leaking taps or toilet.

It is a fact that the majority of extra water expenses are due to the unnecessary usage in the bathroom. Make sure that you fix your leaking taps and replace the old and damaged plumbing bathroom fittings.

6. Too much tightening is not good:

This is a very common mistake people make while they fix the fittings in the drainage system. Over tightening the fittings and connections leads to severe issues such as broken bolts and stripped screws.


These are some quick tips and tricks about plumbing which everyone should know. However, water wastage is a major issue, and everyone must fix their broken bathroom fittings to save water.