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We Just Found The Fastest Marijuana Delivery Service In Los Angeles

Los Angeles: it’s more than just the world capital of cinema. Since California voters approved recreational marijuana use a few years ago, it’s also the largest metropolitan marketplace for legal cannabis in the world. The Los Angeles experience has become almost synonymous with weed culture – maybe it’ll never surpass San Francisco in terms of sheer cultural association, but one look at the number of cannabis dispensaries in LA makes it clear: The City of Angels doesn’t just use its wings to get high.

  • Why Have Weed Delivered? The easy answer here is “because you can.” In the age of apps, it’s possible to get just about anything delivered to your home with a few quick swipes – groceries, fast food, booze, ice cream – so it’s natural that cannabis dispensaries would join that new economy, particularly given the timing of its full legalization in states like California and Colorado.

For many people who use marijuana for medical reasons like alleviating chronic pain, nausea, depression and anxiety, or cancer symptoms, delivery is a life-saver. Many of the physical ailments addressed by medical cannabis limit movement and mobility, making even the process of shopping a trial. Those who use weed for mental health issues like anxiety disorders or clinical depression also tend to make good use of marijuana delivery services, since such conditions can make leaving the house a monumental task.

But for the rest of us, delivery just makes life simpler. For newcomers to the cannabis scene, especially in southern California, visiting a dispensary can be daunting. Lots of people who used pot before legalization weren’t necessarily part of its culture, and as such are apprehensive about breaking in. And then there are those of us who just have busy lives and not a lot of time to drive to a brick-and-mortar dispensary, making delivery a real boon.

  • But Isn’t Marijuana Delivery Pretty Slow? It can be. There’s no question about it, especially in Los Angeles, where traffic reigns supreme. With the regulatory landscape of the California cannabis industry still in a state of post-legalization controlled chaos, lots of substandard dispensaries are able to function without the necessary licensing. With little oversight and an abundance of business owners unwilling to voluntarily agree to the natural quality control that comes with licensing, it’s hard for consumers to find a supplier they’re comfortable with.

Shopping for a good dispensary often means rolling the dice on a service you might not be sure about – and getting orders dropped or delivered at sometime between noon today and the next Olympics. So yeah – marijuana delivery can be slow.

  • So What’s The Solution? For the consumer, the easiest solution is to narrow down your search to only those dispensaries that have been licensed by whatever your state’s governing body is. In California, that means checking out the service’s website to find this information – usually it’ll be on the “about us” page, but you might be able to contact a representative if you can’t find it.

GrassDoor, a marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles, prides itself on its delivery. Why? Because, they say, they can get your cannabis products to you much, much faster than you’ve come to expect from most deliverers.

  • The fastest marijuana delivery in LA might just be GrassDoor. That’s because GrassDoor uses proprietary AI technology to make speed a priority. And they do something almost unheard-of in marijuana delivery: Offer guaranteed delivery in about an hour. If a customer’s cannabis doesn’t arrive within an hour of ordering it, GrassDoor offers credits on future purchases. Most orders, GrassDoor’s founders say, arrive within about half an hour of being made. (And of course, GrassDoor is licensed by the state of California.)