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7 Housewarming Gifts They’re Sure to Love

Becoming a homeowner is a proud accomplishment! After years of saving, weeks of negotiating, and months of closing escrow, the day that the keys are actually handed over feels like a dream come true.
If you know someone who recently closed a deal and purchased a home, then you should definitely help them celebrate their success. You don’t need to wait for their housewarming party to let them know you care — even a small gesture, like freshly delivered flowers, will go quite a long way.

Not sure how to show you care? We’ve gathered the best housewarming gifts and interior design trends that you can use to congratulate their new chapter in life.

Welcome Mat

Put your best foot forward and help your new homeowners greet their guests before they even step inside. A beautiful welcome mat will set the stage for anyone who visits! You might think this suggestion is a little basic, but there are so many options for custom door mats that you can take advantage of. Having their last name emblazoned across the surface, or printing a picture of their fuzzy, four-legged friend will provide a lot of “Wow” factor!


If you’re shopping on a budget, candles are a great option. They’re universally loved by all and will give off a warm, inviting vibe as they start turning their house into a home. There’s nothing quite like opening a door to be greeted by the welcoming scent of sandalwood or aromatic lemongrass. Choose a scent that’s inoffensive to make sure it’s well-received. To kick it up a notch and truly impress your new homeowner, you can gift them with a subscription to a candle club. That way, they can look forward to receiving a fresh candle every month that befits each season — and they’ll think of you every time the package is delivered!

Art Décor

Help your homeowners incorporate art into their home with a beautiful housewarming gift. You don’t need to be an interior designer to pick out stunning pieces! If they are lively and energetic, gift them with pop art that’s bursting with color. Another option is to have a custom canvas made that displays an image of your choice superimposed with a greeting message. Amazingly, CanvasPeople cheap prints are made in museum-grade quality, meaning you won’t have to break the bank on a custom present that they’ll treasure for years to come.


They’ve planted their roots, so mark the occasion with a potted plant that they can watch flourish as the months pass by. Not only will this symbolic gift make their living room much more beautiful, but there’s also science that suggests plants have a positive impact on our psychology. Having fresh, green plants nearby improves our mood and helps purify the air, so the inherent health benefits are enough reason to gift in this direction. If they don’t have much of a green thumb, pick out a succulent that can thrive on minimal care! These resilient plants look great both inside and outside the home.

Kitchen Essentials

Help them add some feng shui to the dining room by gifting them a beautiful set of matching dishes. These kitchen essentials are sure to be on every homeowner’s shopping list. If they have an online gift registry, choose the design they favorite and be sure to mark it off as “purchased” so they don’t wind up with duplicates. Another option is to gift them with a KitchenAid standing mixer. These icons have a developed a cult following all their own — and your new homemaker will delight in making all the various dishes and desserts they help facilitate!

Sound System

You don’t have to go all out with a Sonos sound system, but purchasing a high-quality speaker that they can use to entertain guests is a wonderful out-of-the box idea. Consider getting them a voice-activated device that they can integrate with smart home technology! They’ll be able to turn the lights on and off, lock the front door, and adjust the thermostat using simple commands.

Goodie Basket

When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a classic goodie basket. Generic as they might be, everyone enjoys an assortment of freshly baked cookies, artisan nuts, and fresh fruits!

These are our top seven suggestions that you can use to guide your shopping. Happy gift-giving!