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Upgrade Your Kid’s Room with Laminate Flooring Melbourne

The popularity of laminate floors in many modern homes as down to its ability to replicate other flooring materials like wood, ceramic, or marble.

There is a wide range of colors to choose from as well as designs, tile effects, and timber styles.

Among laminate’s benefits is that it is economical, providing durable, stain and scratch resistant surfaces for a long period of time. It is capable of withstanding the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic, resists indentations and if ever damaged is easily repaired. The cost of installation is also competitive when compared to hardwood flooring.

As a result, laminate wood flooring is an attractive option when it comes to upgrading a home, especially when tackling areas of high foot traffic that can stress parts of your home.

Among the obvious places is that area where the kids play with their toys and organize energetic games. Floors rarely see as much use as they do in any playrooms. Carpet is not suited to keep up with all the energy and passionate drive that children bring to activities. This leaves you with little choice but to upgrade to something much more durable. This is where laminate flooring is the perfect solution.

Easy to Clean

Among the best reasons to switch from carpet to Melbourne laminate floorings are that they are so much easier to maintain and keep clean. If there are unsightly spills and stubborn stains, carpets do not have the capacity to repel liquid and mess as easily. The choice is not a good one: either live with a stain-covered carpet or spend a lot of money on a frequent basis to have the carpet professionally repaired and cleaned.

An option like a laminate floor does not take anything like the cost and effort to maintain. When something is spilled all it requires if for you to quickly wipe it up, or clean it with floor cleaner. When you want a deep clean, there are professional ways to clean wood flooring.

It has to be said that laminate floor stains can also be hidden more easily. While carpet can show every stain, the pattern variations in laminate flooring allow most minor stains and blemishes to be blended in.


Laminate flooring is strong enough to keep up with the most demanding children. Carpets can easily become frayed and worn when kids are constantly running about or playing with their model cars and other toys. With regular pulling carpets can easily come loosened from the floor with the danger of sharp tacks being exposed. Anyone who has ever stood on a line of carpet tacks will know it’s hardly something you’d want to happen to a child!

Some people point out that carpet has one advantage over a laminate wood floor: it offers additional traction if kids are bouncing and running around. However, anyone worried about falls and slips can easily throw a rug or rugs over the top of the smooth surface.

A machine-washable rug is much easier to clean than a carpet, plus it can be disposed of and replaced without any mess.

Overall, when it comes to cost-effectiveness laminate flooring wins plus it ensures your kids can have a good solid playing surface under their feet. Super easy to clean, even easier to maintain, there would be no call to shut that room off when visitors arrive because you’re ashamed of the dirty floor.