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Working Without Walls – 5 Steps To Thriving As An Office-Free Business

The days when workers had to trudge dutifully into the office at 9 am and follow a work and break structure eerily reminiscent of their school days are thankfully coming to an end. As antiquated ideas are replaced by a science-based understanding of what truly boosts productivity, savvy business owners are using technology to enable themselves and their employees to work digitally from anywhere in the world. If you’re ready to get on board with the new trends, read on to discover how your business can thrive without an office.

1. Go virtual

Just because you don’t have a physical office, doesn’t mean you have to do without the benefits of one. Virtual offices give you a prime real-world business address along with mail and administration services, all for a nominal fee. Do your research and find one with a fee structure and offerings that work for your business needs and budget.

2. Invest in the right technology

Though it would be nice to bank all the money you’re saving by ditching the office, it’s important to invest some of that capital into the tech your business will need to thrive. Each enterprise has its own unique needs. Nevertheless, technologies such as accounting software, cutting-edge communication systems, video-conferencing, messaging tools and the like are staples that virtually any business can harness to help them thrive in a virtual economy.

3. Have established workspaces

That’s right, not a workspace, but workspaces – plural. We now have both scientific and anecdotal evidence that shifting your workspace can give you a boost in productivity. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t do this if you’re on a roll and kicking goals. However, as an office-free entrepreneur, whenever you get stuck or feel uncertain about what to move on to next, the mere act of shifting locations – whether it be to your favorite coffee shop or just out to your lounge room – can do wonders to clear your mind and make your next steps clear.

4. Know what to outsource

Ditching the office also means scaling back on what you handle in-house. For example, as a home-based business, you likely don’t need a full-time IT support employee. However, you still need to ensure your business IT support is taken care of.

This is where outsourcing comes in. Whether it’s for IT support, online marketing, content writing, or any other service, you’ll get to tailor a package that only includes what you need, thus saving you money. Even better than this, you get to benefit from the fact that these companies are always updating to the latest tech and software.

5. Be flexible (with yourself and your employees)

Many people joyously step out of the traditional office modality only to subconsciously bring the rigid 9-5 scheduling with them. It’s surprisingly easy to do. So, be sure to avoid this pitfall and take advantage of the flexibility your new lifestyle brings. Otherwise, all you’re doing is cutting out the commute but making your home feel like less of a sanctuary.

Take some time to create a schedule that allows you to enjoy a healthy balance between your leisure, family bonding, and business needs. Be sure to extend this courtesy to your employees too. You may be surprised at how much more efficient they’ll become when they’re given the freedom and autonomy to set their own schedules.

Closing your office doors for the last time and stepping out into the infinite possibilities of the world can be daunting, but if you set yourself up for success by following the steps above, you will be loving the office-free life in no time.

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