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Why You Should Have an RFID Wallet

As technology evolves, data protection has become an important discourse. It is a well-known fact that sharing passwords and sensitive data can compromise one’s personal and financial details. Unfortunately, you don’t have to share sensitive information with anyone before your data can be compromised today. With the development of technology, by merely walking into a public space, your credit card details can be stolen without directly touching your cards. People who use RFID-enabled cards are the most prone to this ID theft. The good news is that you can protect yourself. With an RFID wallet, you can prevent skimmers from stealing your personal and financial data.

What is RFID Wallet?

Before looking at what an RFID wallet is, it is essential to understand how RFID works. RFID, which is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification Devices, utilizes electromagnetic fields to identify and easily track an object that has been integrated with the system. It uses tags with digital information to accomplish this task. Ideally, this technology is designed to make lives easier and seamless for people. It makes contactless payment through credit cards possible but unfortunately, many unscrupulous individuals have found a way to take advantage of the innovation. They have been able to create a personal scanner that can remotely collect personal and credit card information of people.

RFID wallets are the innovation designed to counter the activities of skimmers. They are created with wrapping or layer of metal or carbon fiber. This layer helps to block the electromagnetic fields. With this, it becomes impossible for skimmers from getting to the RFID chips that are embedded in your cards. When your cards are in the RFID wallet, you don’t have to worry about skimmers because they can’t access your card’s information.

More Reasons to get an RFID Wallet

Even if you have your credit cards in your handbag, pocket, or backpack, it is still possible for an RFID scanner to access its data. If your card is one of the newly issued cards, it means it is RFID-enabled and is prone to remote theft. Your sensitive data can be stolen, irrespective of your financial status, location, or job. Therefore, the best way to protect your details is to get an RFID wallet. Other reasons why this piece of technology is a must-have are highlighted below:

  • Very Durable

RFID-blocking wallets are very durable. They have the same lifespan, if not more, than the standard wallet. However, you have to consider the individual user and of course, the level of exposure to factors that can cause wear and tear. These devices are also super convenient to carry about. They are not bulky but very portable and slim.

  • Stylish and Variety of Options

RFID wallets are more than a mere wallet. They are a definition of style and class, making them both functional and fashionable. You will find a variety of designs, sizes, colors, and patterns to choose from.

  • GPS Tracking Enabled

Losing a wallet can be a major cause for worry. Unfortunately, everyone will misplace their wallet at one point or the other. This is why it is highly recommended that you invest in a smart wallet. Most RFID wallets come with a tracking device that makes it easy to find a lost wallet. With this, you are guaranteed that when you misplace or lose your wallet, you can easily find it by using the tracking system.


RFID wallet is undoubtedly a good investment. It is not pricey but very valuable. It gives you the peace of mind that is associated with knowing that your financial details are secure. You also don’t have to worry about carry a bulky wallet around as the smart wallets are slim and very portable.