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Setting up a Commercially Successful WordPress Blog is Not a Secret Anymore

With the current number of digital citizens nearly equaling the worldwide human population, nearly all businesses have gone online with or without any offline counterpart. Because of the easy reach to a large number of people, leveraging the internet audience is not a smart choice anymore, it is a necessity.

And if you already have a blog or a website, it takes even less than 48 hours for you to start earning online. And if you don’t have one, it takes only a couple of hours more. Setting up your website used to be a tough job once, but with WordPress, it is just about some simple clicks and some engaging contents.

If you don’t know where to start, prominent internet marketer James Scholes has a guide that explains the step by step formula, with which you can set up your WordPress blog, right from selecting a high authority domain to generating a steady income from you blog.

The steps are pretty simple, but the tricks and specific ways are the essential take away.

The 5 steps of making money from your WordPress blog:

Setting up the website: The first step is a no brainer. You will need a WordPress blog to work on. First find a high authority domain name that is easy to remember and related to your topic of choice for the WordPress blog. Then install WordPress and start putting up related contents which are engrossing and provides value to the audience.

Keyword research: Secondly, you need to find out keywords you will need to target to reach a vast audience. If you follow James Scholes, you will learn to use some web applications like Ubersuggest , which not only gives you targeted keywords with precision but also suggest keyword groups. And all these you will get entirely free.

SEO Optimization: You will then learn and implement on page SEO along with website SEO optimization. With these, your WordPress blog will surpass your competitors in search engine results which can skyrocket your number of visitors.

Backlinks: Next, to establish your blog’s authority on the subject of your website, you need to create a lot of backlinks. They shouldn’t just be high in number, but should also be of high quality. Furthermore, James Scholes’ blog will give you a lot of pointers to follow. With these you’ll easily be able to increase your website’s credibility in search engines.

Start making money: Once your WordPress blog is set up, it is time to earning from your blog. You can start earning from the advertisement on your blog by using Google Adsense. Or you can passively generate income from affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

While these constitute a basic framework, James Scholes’ internet marketing blog will help you refine your blog. And, it will also help you optimize it for maximum reach and therefore generating maximum revenue . There is no rocket science involved and this is definitely not one of those fake millionaire schemes. This is a systematic process which, if followed, will show guaranteed result.