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5 Reasons to Visit Manila in 2020

While Manila may have a bad reputation for traffic jams and overpopulation, it would be unfair to judge the capital city on its faults alone. That’s because Manila is also Southeast Asia’s top destination for sightseeing and culture, with a booming economy supported by restaurants, nightlife, and heritage centers.

There’s no denying that some parts of the city can get crowded and noisy, but the locals are friendly and tourists are made to feel welcome. In fact, tourism in Manila has steadily risen, prompting local authorities to revitalize the city, making it once more worthy of being known as The Pearl of the Orient. Here are 5 reasons to visit Manila in 2020.


The Philippine capital is home to a number of great museums covering a range of themes. The National Museum of the Filipino People houses some awe-inspiring pieces and artifacts, while the Marikina Shoe Museum is where you’ll find Imelda Marcos’ collection of over 800 pairs of footwear. For something a little different, the ultra-modern Ayala Museum contains a gleaming collection of art pieces showcasing the country’s history.


Eating in Manila is a treat for the senses, with quality cuisine and an atmosphere that soothes the appetite.

Take a bite of Purple Yam’s modern Filipino dishes before heading to Blackbird Makati to taste a renowned chef’s signature servings within a beautifully-designed tower. Alternatively, you can try something from old-world Manila at La Cocina de Tita Moning. Of course, there is also plenty of great street food to be had as you traverse the city.

Art Scene

From inspiring street art to provocative contemporary galleries, Manila’s art scene is like no other. Admire the works of 19th-century Filipino painters like Juan Luna and Fernando Amorsolo at the National Gallery of Art. From there, you can head to the Metropolitan Museum of Manila for a range of contemporary works, before taking a stop at Vargas Museum for some truly stellar shows and collections.


When the day is done and you need some rest, Manila has you covered with a range of great accommodation options. If you want the full luxury treatment, you can opt for a hotel in Makati with pool facilities, top-notch cuisine, a relaxing spa and a range of other great amenities. There are also numerous accommodation options with rich histories, including boutique hotels with rooftop hangouts and historic buildings sporting French Renaissance style and heritage.


Manila is the center of nightlife in the Philippines, with bars and clubs to suit any vibe. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable club experience with high-end ambiance, or a lively night at a local karaoke bar that won’t be easy to recollect, Manila is the place to be. Tomas Morato Avenue and Don Pedro street are both great options for exploring a range of different restaurants and ending the night with some fun-filled bar crawling.

While compelling on their own, these aren’t the only reasons why Manila is a worthwhile travel destination. To fully realize why you should pay the city a visit, you need to do exactly that.