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How to Choose the Right Type of Bra for Your Body Type

About 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. How can this be so? Many women are unaware of how a bra is supposed to fit. 

We’re not spending the time finding the right type of bra for our breasts and the right fit. Instead, we choose to grab the bra with the cup and band size we know fits us and be done with it. Where does this leave us?

It forces us to deal with those little pinches under our armpits and bra strap imprints on our shoulders and backs. It’s time to throw those uncomfortable bras out and discover the best bra for our breast shape and size! Continue reading below to learn how to do just that!

Don’t Get Stuck on One Size

As a young teenager or preteen, you shopped around for your first bra. You tried on different types of bras until you found one that seemed to fit you. You looked at the size and that number and letter then determined how you shopped for all your future bras. 

As you got older, sure this number might have changed, but you still used the same method. Take a look in your closet now. Are all your bras the same size? 

Don’t get stuck on this one size of bra. Your bra size will change depending on the style of the bra and the brand. If you have multiple bra brands and styles in your closet, then you should also have multiple bra sizes. 

Don’t feel afraid to mix it up when needed in order to find the right fit. 

Get Fitted by a Professional

Not sure how to choose the right fit and size bra for your body? There’s no need to panic. You can get fitted by a professional. 

Many bra boutiques offer professional bra fitters who can help you find the right bra size. They’ll take a few measurements, ask about your bra preferences, and then bring you a few to try on. They can then teach you about each bra and why it is or isn’t fitting correctly. 

This is a great way to learn about bra fitting and sizing so you can then do it on your own in the future. 

Choose a Bra With a Flat Gore

The gore of the bra is that small section of fabric found between the two cups on wire bras. Try on some of your bras and pay close attention to the gore. Does it lie flat on your chest? 

If the gore moves around, lifts up, or pinches into your skin, then the bra doesn’t fit right. When looking for wire bras, make sure the gore lies flat on your skin. Then, consider bras with removable padding. 

Removable pads allow you to switch the padding out for something more comfortable or go padless! View this linked page for a few great options!

What’s the Right Type of Bra for You?

Finding the right type of bra for your breast size and shape might take a bit of research and trial and error. Take your time, try a few different ones on, and get fitted by a professional for optimal comfort. Then, keep this guide handy to refer back to when needed. 

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