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Where to Go from Virginia Beach with an RV Rental

Sometimes, you just have to get out there and explore! Luckily, there’s never been a better time to hit the road and enjoy the beauty the country has to offer! Everyone knows that Virginia Beach is a premier destination for people looking for a gorgeous getaway. If locales were fine meals, there’s no question that Virginia Beach would be perfectly seasoned surf and turf! But, eating the same meal every day will eventually make you crave something new, no matter how good it might be. You can be forgiven for wanting to get away from the familiar and find something new, especially when you know that your perfect home will be waiting for you when you get back. 

Renting an RV for a road trip is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it, too. You can avoid the financial hit of buying one while still enjoying the benefits of a good RV trip. All the benefit with none of the commitment is a fantastic arrangement for you, and lets you focus on the important thing: setting your wild heart free and getting out there! While half the fun of the trip is enjoying the road in luxury, the destination is just as important. If you’re looking to take a trip with and RV rental in Virginia Beach, here are some of the best vacation spots to check out. 

Shenandoah Valley

Let’s start with somewhere a little closer to home. Clocking in at just under four hours on the road and around 240 miles away, Shenandoah Valley is a fantastic choice for a shorter trip – especially if it’s your first time on an RV trip. If you’re a history buff, you’re in luck! The valley is steeped in history, being the site of three major battles in the Civil War: The Third Battle of Winchester, the Battle of Fishers Hill, and the Battle of Cedar Creek – all of which you can read more about here. If you’re not so interested in Civil War history, don’t worry! There’s a lot more to enjoy besides visiting historical battlegrounds.

Shenandoah Valley is famous for its beauty. If you enjoy nature, you’re not going to find a better place to stretch your legs and take it all in. Shenandoah Valley boasts an amazing campground that stretches for miles, including sections specifically designed to accommodate an RV. If you’ve never done an RV trip before, or if you just want to go somewhere up the road for the weekend in style without going too far from home, Shenandoah Valley is a magnificent choice.

Yellowstone National Park

Looking to go a little farther? Yellowstone is a world-famous destination for adventurers and travelers alike! This trip is a little more ambitious than Shenandoah Valley, coming in at 2200 miles and roughly 34 hours away, but the destination is more than worth it. After you’re done enjoying the leisurely road trip in comfort, you’ll find yourself in what is regularly ranked as the most beautiful park in the whole of the United States. 

Yellowstone National Park is a place of gorgeous contradiction. The oldest park in the United States, Yellowstone is a bastion of life and natural wonder. Hydrothermal pockets create hot springs and geysers that keep the whole area teeming with life, even in the coldest days of winter. Check out the geysers and other hydrothermal attractions at There’s no end to things to see and be amazed at in Yellowstone. And, naturally, the park is a fantastic place to park and RV! There’s no question: Yellowstone is one of the absolute best places to take an RV trip. 

The Florida Keys

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more familiar, like another beach! If you want a slice of home without being home, consider the Florida Keys as your destination. More tropical than the beaches you’re used to, the Keys have several campgrounds to choose from, but be sure to book your stay in advance, as they are extremely popular. This is especially true of the winter months; while everywhere else is getting cold, the Florida Keys remain temperate and warm. The Keys are much larger than Virginia Beach as well, so you’ll have no trouble finding something to do! 

At just over a thousand miles and 15 hours, this trip is an excellent middle ground between a battlefield just up the road and a world-famous national park over a day’s journey away. If you want to get away and really enjoy what RV life has to offer without having to set aside a larger chunk of time than you’re used to, this is your destination! Here, you can snorkel, venture out on a kayak, enjoy local food and attractions, and just let yourself go in a tropical paradise. 

No matter where you go, renting an RV will get you there in style. This guide is a good starting point for figuring out where to go, but don’t be afraid to do some research yourself! There are no wrong answers when asking where to go – just get out there and enjoy the trip!