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Enhance Your Restaurant’s Interior with the Perfect Bar Stools

As an owner, selecting the perfect furniture for your restaurant is seldom easy, probably due to conflicting requirements. You would want them to be affordable, durable, space-efficient, and easy to maintain. On the other hand, your customers might expect them to be comfortable, cozy, and catchy. On top of that, complementing the furniture with your restaurant’s interior compounds the problem further. With dining counters, breakfast bars, open kitchens are more popular than ever, and restaurant bar stools have become an essential furniture element in every restaurant.

Restaurant bar stools combine elegant looks with comfortable seating and can be the highlight of any dining room. More importantly, they do not occupy much of the floor area and can significantly save space in your restaurant or cafe. However, selecting the best bar stool for your restaurant can be tricky as you have so many choices. Whether to buy them separately or with matching armchairs? Whether to go for bar stools with back or backless bar stools? Should you consider swivel options? Read on to know everything about the restaurant bar stools and how you can use them to elevate your restaurant’s interiors:

Types of bar Stool

The material and build quality of bar stools, like any other restaurant furniture, are crucial and determine durability. Depending on theconstruction material used, you can classify restaurant bar stools in the following categories:

1. Metal Frame Bar Stools

The classy yet minimalistic metal frame bar stools are sleek in design and aesthetic in appearance. They are most suitable for smaller spaces and industrial themes. However, as they are prone to rust, it is advisable to use metal frame bar stools indoors only.

2. Wood Frame Bar Stools

Although expensive, vintage, wood frame bar stools can enhance the visual appeal of any restaurant set-up. If you use them indoors, you can consider cushioned or upholstered wooden bar stools for extra comfort. For outdoor use, go for denser woods like eucalyptus and teak with a moisture repellent coating.

3. Backless Bar Stools

Simple yet appealing, affordable yet functional, backless bar stools are probably the most common design. Additionally, they don’t occupy much space and are easy to clean. You can slide them beneath the counter when not in use. Also, they are easy to shift or re-locate and cause minimum disruption to your guests. However, they are not comfortable for longer durations.

4. Outdoor Bar Stools

If you have an outdoor seating area, you can consider bar stools made from plastic or wicker. These all-weather-proof outdoor bar stools have a timeless appeal. Additionally, they are light in weight and stackable so that you can shift and store them when not using them.

5. Aluminum Bar Stools

Aluminum, having the perfect combination of plastic’s lightweight and steel’s strength, is the perfect material for restaurant bar stools. Further, most of the aluminum bar stools are affordable and stackable, and you can use them indoors as well as outdoors. However, compared to metal or wood bar stools, they lack premium look and, therefore, are not suited for high-end restaurants.

How to Care for Restaurant Bar Stools:

Finding the ideal bar stool for your restaurant is one thing, but cleaning and maintaining it for long life is a different ball game altogether. Although most commercial-grade restaurant bar stools are easy to clean and maintain, caring for each material requires a different approach.

  • Metal Frame Bar Stools: Metallic frames are inherently low maintenance by design, and you can remove 99% of the dust by using a cloth. Regular dusting prevents the building up of dirt, and you can use a damp cloth for stubborn marks or stains. If you are using them outdoors, make sure to use vinegar or alcohol to remove any dark spots and moisture. Additionally, you can use lubricants and paint solutions to polish them and regain the spotless, bright shine.
  • Wood Frame Bar Stools: Since most of the wood frame bar stools have a varnished finish, dusting with a cloth does the trick most of the time. For stains or spills, you can use polish on the duster that not only removes the marks but gives the surface a warm sheen too.
  • Plastic Bar Stools:Plastic is probably the easiest material to maintain. Light dusting with a cloth is sufficient for everyday use. For stubborn stains, you can use a damp cloth, baby wipe, or mild soap solution. If you notice any scratches, use sandpaper to clean the surface and polish them.
  • Upholstered Bar Stools:The porous nature of the fabric makes upholstered bar stools prone to spills and stains. If not mopped up immediately, these spills can result in permanent marks. If you encounter any spill, dab with a damp cloth to remove the stain. If the stain persists, try a mild soap solution or a commercial cleaning product. Before using any chemicals, make sure you test it on the underside or unexposed area to check that it doesn’t spoil the fabric.

Choosing Bar Stool Based On Restaurant-Style

Although you can try different looks while choosing the bar stools for various restaurant styles, their appearance affects the decor and functionality. Here are some tips for selecting the bar stool for different restaurant styles:

  • Café: Go for a classic look with a metal, preferably iron, frame and a wooden seat with the back. It can complement most restaurant decor types and is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Sports Bar: In a sports bar or pub, it is profitable to keep your customers engaged for longer durations. Consider upholstered bar stools with mid-back support for added comfort. Vinyl seats are easy to clean against spillages.
  • Steak House: In a high-end steak house, wooden bar stools, preferably from dark woods, can be your go-to choice as they create a rustic look. A broad seat with a fully upholstered backrest, although a bit expensive, will offer maximum comfort for your guests.
  • Outdoor restaurant: For outdoor restaurants, you can consider bar stools made from plastic, metal, or wicker. Opt for stackable bar stools as they are space-efficient and easy to store when not in use. Most outdoor bar stools comes with a protective coating and paints to repel moisture and prevent rust formation.

Summing it up:

Bar stools, if selected smartly, can enhance the look and feel of any restaurant theme. They make your restaurant’s dining area trendy, visually appealing, and happening. On top of that, restaurant bar stools are practical, cost-effective, space-efficient, and functional. This article discusses different types of restaurant bar stools and how to get the most from them.

Finding the perfect bar stool for your restaurant depends on your restaurant type, clientele, budget, and usage. Hopefully, by going through the points mentioned above, you will find the best bar stool for your restaurant that is low on your pockets and comfortable for your guests and maintain them effortlessly.