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What Preventative Measures Should You Put in Place to Avoid a House or Office Fire?

If there is a fire in your home or office, the outcome could be catastrophic.  This could even result in full destruction of the property at a massive cost.  Even worse than this, it could result in severe injury or even death.  As a result, it is important that people then take the appropriate actions in order to prevent this sort of issue.  Some of these activities will ensure compliance to either the law or local regulations whilst others could be as a result of risk assessment or common sense. Here are some of the things that should be considering:

Fire Risk Assessments

One of the best ways to take proactive measures would be to initiate a fire risk assessment.  This allows a formal review using approved checklists to help assess the areas for fire risks, preventative measures and also what support is in place if there is an emergency.  Fire risk assessment Manchester offer this sort of service and will attend any commercial or domestic property in the UK in order to support this. For commercial properties, it may actually be mandated that this is completed by law. If this is also included on the insurance policy as a required (most insurance policies for commercial business will ask for this), then you must have it, or it would invalidate your insurance policy.  

Turn Appliances Off

When you are finished with an appliance, you should make sure that you turn it off. It can be easy to forget to turn the oven off when you are in a rush to eat your dinner but what happens if something inside of it goes on fire? You should also aim to turn off your electric heaters and any other kitchen appliances. If you do this, you can massively reduce the risk of something going on fire in your home. 

Electrical Tests

Electrical appliances are one of the more common reasons why a fire could start.  If these are not maintained correctly and there is a fault, it could blow, and this could lead to a fire.  Playing with electrics is a dangerous game and should be left to the experts.  If not managed correctly you could also receive an electric shock and depending on the voltage from this, could even end up in death.  PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) is something that a professional company could do for you to give you the reassurance that all is good. They will check over the electrical compliances and if there are any faults, they will either repair them or recommend scrapping / replacing.  


The effects of a fire at the home or in a working environment could be significant therefore taking some of the above mentioned preventative measures may avoid this happening and will reduce the risk.