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Tallahassee Real Estate: Best Places to Live

The Sunshine State’s capital is not just known for its government buildings.

Tallahassee is a growing city with many shops, beautiful parks, and things to do.

If you’re looking to relocate to a new home, Tallahassee has a lot to offer. Read on to learn more about Tallahassee real estate and the best places to live.

Near the Colleges

If you’re moving to Tallahassee as a young adult, chances are that you’ll be attending one of the several schools in the city.

Tallahassee is known for the well-regarded Florida State University. But it is also home to other colleges like Florida A&M University and Tallahassee Community College.

If you’re going to school, you may want to live close to campus to avoid a long commute. Both Florida State University and Florid A&M are in close proximity to each other and are close to downtown.

Though it’s nice to close to all the action, traffic during rush hour can get a little chaotic, so you may want to check your area of interest during weekdays.


If you’re looking to be a bit further away from the campus craziness, but still close to downtown, you may consider Midtown.

Also known as East Tallahassee, Midtown is a very central location which makes it appealing to young professionals and families alike.

A short drive down Monroe or Thomasville Road from Midtown gets you into the capitol area.

Midtown is home to some older, higher-priced homes. There are pockets of neighborhoods and communities off the main road that make up most of the homes in Midtown.


For people that are really looking to get away from the college and capitol traffic, you might consider Southwood. This area of Tallahassee is mostly residential and is perfect for growing families.

Southwood is known to have some great quality schools, both public and private.

This neighborhood is still a short drive away from Florida A&M, and borders other up and coming neighborhoods. This complete map of neighborhoods can help you differentiate what areas might be best for you.

Northeast Tallahassee

Tucked between Bradfordville and downtown an area called Northeast Tallahassee. This is a mostly residential and family-based neighborhood. People that have been in Tallahassee for a long time usually come from Northeast Tallahassee.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of new activity and homes on the rise. Even though this area is a bit farther away from the core of the city, the town is fairly small meaning you can take a short drive to Midtown.

Many business owners and government officials prefer to live in Northeast Tallahassee for its peaceful and community-oriented population.

Tallahassee Real Estate

If you’re looking to move to Tallahassee it’s important to learn about the city’s distinct neighborhoods. From Collegetown to Northeast Tallahassee, there is an area for everyone to explore.

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